Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I did a bunch of reups over the last half a year. The links are in the original posts, browse or use the search box in upper left to find the relevant entry. For a list, see below:

Robert Gordon and Link Wray + Fresh Fish Special
Electronic Toys
Trio Los Panchos
Terry - Beat Beat Beat
Lonnie Mack - Wham!
Coco Zhao - Dream Situation
San Ul Lim
Shin Yung Hyun and the Men
Congo: Rumba on the River
Ghana Soundz
Klassik Kitchener
ZZTop - Rancho Texicano
The Kinks - Fab Forty
Old and in the Way
Iron Horse - Fade to Bluegrass, A Tribute to Metallica
Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie / Swingin on the Strings
Vintage Hawaiian Music - Steel Guitar Masters 1928-1934
Cheb Khaled - Khaled
Art Ensemble Of Chicago ft Brigitte Fontaine + two more vocal free jazz albums: Patty Waters and Jeanne Lee
Cafe De Paris - 24 Accordion Classics
James Chance - Irresistible Impulse box set
Dion McGregor - two albums
Hugh Masekela - two compilations
Ernest Ranglin - Boss Reggae, Below the Bassline and several more (see post)
Essential Radio Birdman
Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin - Missa Luba
Irma Thomas - Sweet Soul Queen Of New Orleans
Shanghai Lounge Divas II
Rumble: The Best of Link Wray
Los Zafiros - Bossa Cubana
Zhou Xuan - Pathe Vol.13
John Huie - Shanghai Jazz
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Gili Garabdi
Brown and Roach at Basin Street
Brazil Forro: Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers
Link Wray - Guitar Preacher (The Polydor Years)
Ain't I'm a Dog + Whistle Bait (rockabilly compilations)
Merle Travis and Joe Maphis - Country Music's Two Guitar Greats
Rhys Chatham
Mose Allison Sings
Willie Bobo - Spanish Grease / Uno Dos Tres
Os Tres do Nordeste
Mal Waldron Plays Erik Satie
Dinah Washington Sings Bessie Smith
Brahms - Hungarian Dances
George Russell - The Jazz Workshop
Art Farmer Plays Gigi Gryce and Quincy Jones
Gedda Sings Rachmaninov and Tcherepnine
Black Sabbath: The Secret Musical History of Black-Jewish Relations
Giacinto Scelsi
Sonny Stitt plays Johnny Richards
Kronos Quartet
Max Roach
Booker T & the MGs
Brian Eno
Rough Guide to Bhangra + Bhangra Beatz
John Huie and the Clear Wind Band - Shanghai Jazz 2
Shanghai Lounge Divas I

If you have specific requests, put them in the comments of the post or here. I do not guarantee every reupload, but I will try to do most.

UPDATE 1/30/2012: So for now I'll put stuff on depositfiles. They are good: no registration, links last for years, they work reliably, they haven't changed rules or interface for as long as I remember.


  1. Thanks, it's always a pleasure to be able to download your olds posts. It's so boring to have to keep re-up everytime, thanks for doing it :-)

  2. check this out!

  3. I got a "permission denied" with mediafire for the Robert Gordon/Link Wray+"Fresh Fish Special". Any other options with this? I appreciate the effort here. hotrodmike

  4. @DJ Hectic - Thanks, awesome stuff!
    @hotrodmike - works for me. Try later, perhaps? if it won't work, I'll put it elsewhere

  5. Just a followup. I still get the "permission denied" screen with mediafire. If you want to upload somewhere else great, but, if not, I certainly understand. Either way, great blog you have here. hotrodmike

  6. Worked perfect for me.Thanks a lot for hooking me up Brother. It's great to hear this stuff again. hotrodmike

  7. Ahhh, the innerwebs can be so fickle, and it seems the good things always come and go too quickly. I've been perusing your blog on and off for several years, you've shown me a light towards many wondrous new things. But upon my most recent rediscovery I find that many of the old links are dead...
    There are some particular reups I'd love to see. I can post in those threads as well.
    -I love the Ryukyu Rare Groove, amazing stuff. I know there is a volume 2, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere out there- did you ever pick up this one as well?
    -Shanghai Lounge Divas volume 2 I'm not so fond of the remixes, but really like the original recordings; I have volume 1 but missed volume 2
    -The Carl Stalling Project do you have volumes 1 and 2?
    -Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant can probably be found elsewhere...

    Sorry to see you are not posting as regularly anymore, but thank you for what you have given...

  8. Can you reup Vintage Hawaiian Music?? PLEASE

  9. Would really appreciate a reup of Brigitte Fontaine- Comme la Radio, it's been taken down everywhere! All her work for that matter... Thanks so much.

  10. Could you please reup james white off white please? Thanks

  11. Brigitte Fontaine and James White are done, see the original posts.

  12. Looking for Lord Creator Jamaica Time

  13. I really hope your great blog is still going? I was wondering if you could please reup Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin - Voodoo Drums as the link is now dead? Thank you! : )

  14. Hi,

    We miss your blog and hope you're come back to posting, soon!

    Regardless, I'm announcing the release of a new album:

    "A Wild and Dangerous Place" is the debut release from eclectic world-jazz-fusion collective "Sphinx and Yeti" featuring 11 tracks of instrumental escapism from around the globe.

    Sphinx and Yeti mixes traditional, swing, and angular Modern jazz with North and West African music, Spanish classical guitar, and snippets of sounds from Northern Europe and South Asia.

  15. Good to see you back and active! I've been missing you, guy.


  16. G R A C I A S por tu labor musical! por favor algo de: Les Frères Déjean

  17. Shanghai Lounge Divas II (the original recordings) and Coco Zhao - Dream Situation - I must have more Shanghai Jazz please please please!