Monday, April 2, 2007

Amadou and Mariam

Amadou and Mariam - my favorite afropop. A blind couple from Mali playing an amalgam of blues, pop, funk and traditional Mali music. They are the living reminder that it only takes a bit of talent and 25 years of non-stop playing and touring to become famous (I don't know about rich). The stuff I wanted to share is all available already, so I'll be the link aggregator again.

Je Pense A Toi - The Best of Amadou et Mariam
This collection presents a cross-section of their work from the last decade. The tracks from their first French album, Sou Ni Tile (Je Pense A Toi, Chantez-Chantez, A Radio Mogo, Pauvre Type), have more of the roots/afro-blues sound, with shimmering guitar arpeggios and delicate flute melodies over the hypnotic, repetitive chord progressions. By their third LP, Wati, they moved firmly onto Fela territory: Les Temps Ont Changé and Nangaraba are high-octane afrofunk.

1. Je Pense A Toi
2. Les Temps Ont Changé
3. Nangaraba
4. Chantez-Chantez
5. Mouna
6. A Radio Mogo
7. Toubala Kono
8. Mali Denou
9. DJagnèba
10. Fantani
11. Ko Bé Na Touma Do
12. Pauvre Type
13. Walide

Amadou & Mariam - Dimanche A Bamako
By 2005 they got big enough to attract big-name collaborators: Manu Chao produced this album, and also co-written and played guitar on a few tracks. It shows, too: Dimanche a Bamako (Sunday in Bamako) sounds more like a great lost Manu Chao album than anything else; a lot of his trademarks are here - musique concrete sound effects mixed into and in between songs, many of the production tricks and effects associated with Clandestino and Esperanza... Nonetheless, the result is a fine piece of music:

4shared, 87 mb

Alternative artwork (European version?):

01- M'bife.
02- M'bife balafon.
03- Coulibaly.
04- La realite.
05- Senegal fast food.
06- Artistiya.
07- La fete au village.
08- Camions sauvages.
09- Beaux dimanches.
10- La paix.
11- Djanfa.
12- Taxi bamako.
13- Politic amagni.
14- Gnidjougouya.
15- M'bife blues.

For the real fans, there is a live bootleg available over here:
Amadou & Mariam - Le Couple Aveugle du Mali
The sound is a bit muddy, though.


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  2. sank u) first i watched video 'La realite, live' and became very interested, nice couple)