Tuesday, October 30, 2007


REUP 11/11/14 Two in one archive: 125mb on zippyshare or uloz.to

Whistle Bait! 25 Rockabilly Rave-Ups
1. Whistle Bait - Larry Collins
2. You're Humbuggin' Me - Lefty Frizzell
3. Snatch It And Grab It - Freddie Hart
4. Rawhide - Link Wray & The Wraymen
5. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor - Johnny Horton
6. Wild Wild Young Men - Rose Maddox
7. Bop-A-Lena - Ronnie Self
8. Ugly And Slouchy - Maddox Brothers
9. Everybody's Rockin' - Werly Fairburn
10. Jive After Five - Carl Perkins
11. Bo Bo Ska Diddle Daddle - Wayne Walker
12. Ah. Poor Little Baby - Billy 'Crash' Craddock
13. Hoy Hoy - The Collins Kids
14. Dig Boy Dig - Freddie Hart
15. Guitar Rock And Roll - Joe Maphis
16. I Got A Hole In My Pocket - 'Little' Jimmy Dickens
17. Big Fool - Ronnie Self
18. All Over Again - Johnny Cash
19. Romp Stompin' Boogie - Jaycee Hill
20. Baboon Boogie - Jimmy Murphy
21. Good Rockin' Baby - Sid King & The Five Strings
22. Rocky Road Blues - Ronnie Self
23. Pink Pedal Pushers - Carl Perkins
24. I'm Coming Home - Johnny Horton
25. Mean Mama Blues - Marty Robbins

Ain't I'm A Dog! 25 More Rockabilly Rave-Ups
1. Ain't I'm A Dog - Ronnie Self
2. Hurricane - Joe Maphis And Larry Collins
3. Where The Rio De Rosa Flows - Carl Perkins
4. Party - The Collins Kids
5. Tennessee Toddy - Marty Robbins
6. Everybody's Rockin' But Me - Bobby Lord
7. The Woman I Need (Honky Tonk Mind) - Johnny Horton
8. I'm Jealous - Werly Fairburn
9. New Studio Blues - Link Wray
10. You're So Right For Me - Ronnie Self
11. Sag, Drag And Fall - Sid King & The Five Strings
12. Goin' Down That Road - Ersel Hickey
13. It's A Great Big Day - Derrell Felts
14. Who's Been Here? - Commonwealth Jones
15. Lover's Rock - Johnny Horton
16. Sugar Diet - Charlie Adams
17. Hop, Skip And Jump - The Collins Kids
18. Pointed Toe Shoes - Carl Perkins
19. Do Do Do - Commonwealth Jones
20. Flip Out - Billy Brown
21. Purr, Kitty Purr - Sid King & The Five Strings
22. Go Away Hounddog - Cliff Johnson
23. Hey Little Dreamboat - Rose Maddox
24. Goin' Back To The City - Onie Wheeler
25. Did We Have A Party - Billy Brown

Monday, October 29, 2007

A great article on how piracy is good and why the major labels deserve to die.
Does not really justify my activities here (I doubt there's a single album I shared so far that came out on a major - except maybe for ZZ Top), but still worth a read.

Also, a great blog: na Bula Bula.
See the gypsy tag for some Fanfare Ciocarlia and more Balkan goodies; see the arabe tag for Cheb Khaled's Kenza along with several other Chebs.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fanfare Ciocarlia - Queens and Kings

My favorite balkan madmen strike again. Queens and Kings came out just this year, and it is dedicated to the memory of Ioan Ivancea, the metaphorical and literal patriarch of the family that is Fanfare Ciocarlia (BTW, it's him on the cover with his clarinet). The band celebrates his passing with an abandon rivaled only by the proverbial New Orleans Dixie Jazz funerals. In the past Ciocarlia was primarily an instrumental outfit, but on this disk they bring in guest singers for each of the songs, cherry-picking the stars of the gypsy music. Several generations are represented, from the elders - Saban Bajramovic, Esma Redzepova - to the new crop of gypsy musicians - Florentina Sandu, Jony Ilev.
This album is put together like a live show: the familiar hits are given a reworking and interspersed with new material. I personally wasn't too happy with the new versions of Sandala and Ma Maren Ma (incidentally, both sung by Saban Bajramovic), but that's not surprising as the originals are truly impossible to improve upon. I still cannot decide whether I like the remake of Iag Bari, here entitled Que Dolor and translted into spanish(?). On the other hand, Ibrahim, which showed up as an instrumental on Gili Garabdi, truly takes off into stratosphere with addition of Esma Redzepova's vocal. New songs (new to me, at least) are just as good. The album concludes with a traditional cooky mainstream pop cover. They've done Neil Sedaka's "One-Way Ticket To The Blues" as "Rumba Tziganeasca" on Radio Pascani, they covered The James Bond Theme on Gili Garabdi, and here they transform the old Steppenwolf biker anthem into a gypsy dance.

Fanfare Ciocarlia - Queens and Kings
REUP: 320kbps, 112mb on mediafire
01. Kan Marau La (Dan Armeanca) 4:31
02. Que Dolor (Kaloome) 3:55
03. Sandala (Saban Bajramovic) 2:49
04. Pana cand nu te iubeam (Mitsou) 4:06
05. Cuando tu volveras (Kaloome) 4:30
06. Duj Duj (Mitsou & Florentina Sandu) 3 :56
07. Ibrahim (Esma Redzepova) 3:05
08. Ma Maren Ma (Saban Bajramovic) 3:50
09. Mukav Tu (Florentina Sandu) 2:09
10. Nakelavishe (Esma Redzepova) 2:58
11. Ma Rov (Ljiljane Butler) 4:38
12. Mig Mig (Jony Iliev) 3:19
13. Farewell March (Ioan Ivancea) 1:36
14. Born to be wild 3:11

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lloyd Cole - Lloyd Cole

The last installment in my Quine retrospective.

LLOYD COLE (Capitol) Alternate title: Robert Quine, whose six cuts here prove a smart person can still get away with this shit while the other seven demonstrate why even a smart person has to. Except on the herky-funky "Waterline," which offers history nothing but a solo, Quine doesn't just play superbly. Torturing Cole's hummable tunes and easy little folk-pop guitar hooks until they confess, he lays a saving aura of wisdom around the postgraduate melancholy, stretching the songs toward the tensile intelligence the boss so admired on Legendary Hearts. And then he goes home. Who was that masked man? - review by Robert Christgau

Cole's 5.3 hcp got him a respectable tied 11th place on Golf Digest's top 100 list of musicians (a tie with Alice Cooper) *

Lloyd Cole - Lloyd Cole
REUP: 72 mb on mediafire
1) Don't Look Back
2) What Do You Know About Love?
3) No Blue Skies
4) Loveless
5) Sweetheart
6) To The Church
7) Downtown
8) A Long Way Down
9) Ice Cream Girl
10) Undressed
11) I Hate To See You Baby Doing That Stuff
12) Waterline
13) Mercy Killing

Monday, October 15, 2007

Klazz Brothers and Cuba Percussion - Classic Meets Cuba

Here's an album I am digging lately: classical/jazz musicians are collaborating with a latin percussion section in butchering a few famous classical pieces.
This might sound kitchy, and it is - but there is a lot of substance to this record behind the style. The musicianship is virtuosic, the arrangements are inventive, and everybody sounds like they are having fun. The bass player is on fire!

Klazz Brothers and Cuba Percussion - Classic Meets Cuba
REUP: mediafire.
1. Mambozart
2. Cuban Dance
3. Danzon De La Trucha
4. Preludio
5. Afrolise
6. Air
7. Pathetique I
8. Pathetique II
9. Pathetique III
10. Salsa No V
11. Czardas
12. Etude
13. Carmen Cubana
14. Flight Of The Bumble Bee
15. Guten Abend
16. Anthem

They made more records - one I will be checking out in the near future is Classic Meets Cuba: Symphonic Salsa (available here): same concept, some tracks overlap with the one above. They also recorded Jazz Meets Cuba - I am kinda sceptical about that one. After all, jazz met Cuba some 50 years ago. If I'd want to hear latin jazz, I'll go get my Gillespie and Machito records. Still, if it's half as good as Classic..., it might be worth hearing.

PS Once we're on the subject of the kitchy classics covers, I'd like to remind everybody of the excellent album Let's Go Classics by the japanese guitarist and surf music titan Takeshi Terauchi AKA Terry and the Bunnies - I shared his music here before. Let's Go Classics is available over at WFMU blog, and the LP cover art is here. The songs are downloadable individually. If you can't decide whether you want it or not, I recommend you try Fur Elise.

PPS I finally listened to the Symphonic Salsa album - don't bother with it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jody Harris and Robert Quine - Escape

Robert Quine playing with Jody Harris, who appeared on this blog before as a guitar player on James White and the Blacks' LP. Harris been with James White/Chance from the beginning, appearing on other Contortions records, including the notorious No New York LP; he also played with other "downtown" bands and personalities - Golden Palominos, John Zorn, Lydia Lunch, and his own instrumental band the Raybeats.
This one, Escape, is quite experimental - it's more of two guys fooling around in the studio while the tape is rolling kind of record, somewhat like Fripp's No Pussyfooting stuff. Quine himself called the first track, 13-minute-long Flagpole Jitters, "intentionally abrasive" or some such. It sounds like something a college-radio DJ would put on to broadcast his coolness credentials while he's out with a reefer.

Jody Harris and Robert Quine - Escape
66 mb on sharebee
1. Flagpole Jitters
2. Don't Throw That Knife
3. Up in Daisy's Penthouse
4. Termites of 1938
5. Pardon My Clutch

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

There's not much to say about this one. The best Waits LP, possibly the best thing that the 80's produced. I first heard it in high school, and this is the only album that I did not outgrow. A friend lent me a Hendrix tape, and on the other side it had this Waits dude. All other music from my high school years became obsolete or irrelevant, but this one is truly timeless. I don't know why I should share it, I bet everybody has it already. But for the sake of Quine retrospective, I'll put it up. Quine only plays on Blind Love (with Keith Richards) and Downtown Train. Marc Ribot is playing here on most songs, and all other Waits guitarists try to emulate his sound here ever since.
P.S. Some useless pop-culture trivia: in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, there is an episode where the main character is getting his memories erased, and all the things that he is forgetting flash on the screen in sequence. One of them was the cover of Rain Dogs.
I was horrified, I truly was. How can someone voluntarily forget Rain Dogs? For me, it would be taking a cornerstone from under myself.
P.P.S. For the record, I think that the greatest guitar solo in history is played by Ribot on Jockey Full Of Bourbon.

Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
220VBR, 90mb on megaupload, rapidshare, or mediafire
01. Singapore
02. Clap Hands
03. Cemetery Polka
04. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
05. Tango 'Til They're Sore
06. Big Black Mariah
07. Diamonds & Gold
08. Hang Down Your Head
09. Time
10. Rain Dogs
11. Midtown [Instrumental]
12. 9th & Hennepin
13. Gun Street Girl
14. Union Square
15. Blind Love
16. Walking Spanish
17. Downtown Train
18. Bride Of Rain Dog [Instrumental]
19. Anywhere I Lay My Head

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Authenticité: The Syliphone Years 1965-80

Reviews: one, two.

Authenticité: The Syliphone Years 1965-80
320 kbps, in three separate archives
Pt.1: 95 mb on megaupload or mediafire
Pt.2: 100 mb on megaupload or mediafire
Pt.3: 115 mb on megaupload
1. Kélétigui Diabaté et ses Tambourinis - Soundiata
2. Balla Et Ses Balladins - Diaraby
3. Kebendo Jazz - Soumba
4. Horoya Band National - Karan-Gbegne
5. Bembeya Jazz National - DJanfamagni
6. Orchestre De La Pailote - Kankan-Yarabi
7. Orchestre De Dabola - Semba
8. Orchestre De Bayla - O.U.A
9. Palm Jazz - R.D.A
10. Bembeya Jazz National - Minuit
11. Orchestre Du Jardin De Guinée - P.D.G
12. Orchestre De Beyla - Koukou Befo
13. Kebendo Jazz - Information
14. Orchestre De Kindia - La Guinée Wodi
15. Super Boiro Band - Mariama
16. Bembeya Jazz National - Boiro
17. "22 Novembre" Band - Kouma
18. Kélétigui Diabaté et ses Tambourinis - Miri Magnin
19. Pivi Et Les Balladins - Samba
20. Bembeya Jazz National - Bembeya
21. Horoya Band - Wèrè Wèrè
22. Soumbory Jazz - Nana
23. Palm Jazz - Zimaï
24. Syli Authentic - Fabara
25. Camayenne Sofas - Karomoko
26. Tropical Djoli Band De Faranah - Soko
27. Nimba Jazz - Ziko
28. La Simandou de Beyla - Festival

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Quine with John Zorn

Filmworks V: Tears of Ecstasy
REUP: 160kbps, 68 mb on mediafire

Music recorded and mixed in twelve hours! Forty-eight sound cues (roughly one minute long each) for Tears of Ecstacy, a 1995 film by Japan's leading gay porno director, Oki Hiroyuki. Featuring Quine, Zorn, Marc Ribot and Cyro Baptista. This album mixes world beat, surf, hard rock, ambient, industrial, noise, classical and jazz. - says Quine discography.

It was toward the end of September 1995 that I first got the call for this one. The concept was simple — a one-hour film divided into sixty one-minute sequences. The director wanted sixty one-minute pieces of music to go with it, and as far as he was concerned, anything goes. The director wanted the music by the first of October, only one week away. I agreed immediately. The idea of recording and mixing these cues in one day seemed a real challenge, and with the right band it would be a lot of fun. This clearly was the right band, because it was a fucking blast. Ribot, Quine and Cyro have worked with me for years, and at least one of them appear on virtually every film scoring job I've ever done. They are the best of the best.
Drawing upon their many talents, there's a wide range of styles here — rock, noise, ambient, world music, jazz, industrial, but mostly it's all a freak hybrid that belongs to none of these categories. Themes will repeat now and again with variations or alternate arrangements (Morricone, the master, once told me that you really only need one theme to score a film properly) and of course there is plenty of room here for the players to "stretch out," even within the limitations of a one-minute time frame. - says Zorn himself

More Zorn scores with Quine on guitar:
The first in Zorn's Filmworks series, Filmworks 1986-1990 with a review and track listing/liner notes, Quine plays on #1-18.

Also, The Bride and Spillane from the excellent MoodswingsMusic blog.

Robert Quine with Lou Reed

Quine was a long-time Velvet Underground fan and disciple. He attended many shows, often taping them; recently, the highlights from these tapes were issued as The VU Bootleg Series Vol.1: The Quine Tapes (read Robert's own liner notes here). So, when in the early 80s Lou Reed invited him to collaborate, Quine jumped on the chance. This was a difficult time for Lou Reed, who was struggling with personal problems and with artistic direction after several disappointing albums in the late 70s. The first album with Quine, The Blue Mask, proved to be a smash comeback for Lou Reed. It featured great songwriting, direct and personal, free from the Transformer-era glam posing. More importantly, the album was excellent musically: Quine understood and loved Lou's music and was able to provide sensitive and selfless backing to the frontman and to contribute inspired, searing solos. Reed was apprehensive about his own guitar abilities and preferred to stick to strumming-and-singing on his 70s albums; Quine encouraged Reed to play lead more, to some great results. The record is mixed with Lou Reed and Quine in separate channels, so you can really appreciate the interplay.

Lou Reed - Blue Mask
megaupload or mediafire
1. My House
2. Women
3. Underneath The Bottle
4. The Gun
5. The Blue Mask
6. Average Guy
7. The Heroine
8. Waves Of Fear
9. The Day John Kennedy Died
10. Heavenly Arms
Also available here.

In 1983 The Blue Mask was followed by a European tour that gave us a great live record, with Reed and Quine in excellent form throughout, and a fine cross-section of songs from Reed's career.

Lou Reed Live In Italy
On rapidshare by El Monito Records blog.
1. Sweet Jane
2. I'm Waiting For My Man
3. Martial Law
4. Satellite Of Love
5. Kill Your Sons
6. Betrayed
7. Sally Can't Dance
8. Waves Of Fear
9. Average Guy
10. White Light/White Heat
11. Some Kinda Love/Sister Ray
12. Walk On The Wild Side
13. Heroin
14. Rock And Roll

Unfortunately, during the tour Lou Reed started to see Quine as a threat to his bandleader/frontman position, as more and more guitar heads came just to hear Quine play. The next album, Legendary Hearts, proved to be their last - Quine was extremely unhappy with the final mix; he felt that Reed mixed out his guitar parts. Thus the very fruitful, but short-lived Reed-Quine alliance ended.

There is a full Lou Reed retrospective over at http://kar4agin.blogspot.com/.

Robert Quine solo

Two more Robert Quine records. The first is a collaboration with Ikue Mori, a well-known drummer from the NY "downtown jazz" scene, formerly with DNA, John Zorn etc., and Marc Ribot, who needs no introduction. A dreamy, atmospheric record; Ikue Mori mans the drum machines while the guitarists pass melodies and textures to each other.

Ikue Mori, Robert Quine, Marc Ribot - Painted Desert
REUP 11/11/14: zippyshare or uloz.to
1. Mojave
2. Medicine Man
3. Desperado
4. Cheyenne
5. El Dorado
6. Santa Ana Excursion
7. Gundown
8. Painted Desert

Another Quine recording with drummer Fred Maher, who played on the second Voidoids album and is also known from his work with Laswell (Material, Massacre) and Lou Reed. Excellent instrumental guitar music, very stripped-down sound.

Robert Quine with Fred Maher - Basic
REUP 2/5/2014: On depositfiles
1. Pickup
2. Bluffer
3. Fala
4. Stray
5. Summer Storm
6. '65
7. Bandage Bait
8. Dark Place
9. Despair
10. Village

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coco Zhao - Dream Situation

Chinese vocal jazz.
I read about Coco Zhao some time ago and was trying to find him online since. He's too damn rare, though - it took me a few months!
The reviews characterize his vocal style as "a boy Billy Holiday". The music is rooted both in chinese classical opera and in western jazz tradition; the repertoire is drawn from the chinese standards of the 40s and 50s, kinda like the stuff on The Shanghai Lounge Divas - but with a more modern sound. Interesting, worth checking out. My wife loved it.

Two reviews from allaboutjazz.com: one and two.
Audio interview and some free song downloads from NPR here.

Coco Zhao - Dream Situation
320 kbps, 88mb on zippyshare or uloz.to
1. Full Moon, Blooming Flowers
2. I Have a Tale
3. Unavailable Love
4. Yearming
5. I Want Your Love
6. Dream Situation
7. Waiting
8. If Without You
9. Three Years

Coco Zhao and Possicobilities
Coco Zhao: vocals
Peng Fei: clavier, keyboard, violin
Huang Jianyi: piano
E.J. Parker: bass
Chris Trzinski: drums

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

James White and the Blacks - Off White

An album by James Chance AKA James White, the ultimate funk-noise purveyor. One of the many projects to which Robert Quine lent his guitar skills after the dissolution of the Voidoids. Quine only plays on Almost Black Pts. 1+2 and Off Black, it's Jody Harris on the rest of the album.
This is an expanded edition, including an alternate mix of Contort Yourself, three live tracks from Soul Exorcism bootleg, and a rare "Chance-murders-christmas" recording. I can't help but brag that I have this on vinyl.

James White and the Blacks - Off White
Personnel and song details
1. Contort Yourself (August Darnell Remix)
2. Contort Yourself
3. Stained Sheets
4. (Tropical) Heat Wave
5. Almost Black Part 1
6. White Savages
7. Off Black
8. Almost Black Part 2
9. White Devil
10. Bleached Black
11. Christmas With Satan
12. Disposable You (Live)
13. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (Live)
14. Exorcise The Funk (Live)

Get it as a part of Irresistible Impulse box set: CDs 1 and 2 (Buy The Contortions / Theme from Grutzi Elvis / Off White / selections from Soul Exorcism), CDs 3 and 4 (Sax Maniac / selections from Melt Yourself Down / Flaming Demonics / The Judy Taylor Sessions).

The Voidoids

A logical place to start the Quine retrospective would be with the music that made him famous - his work with Richard Hell. The students of New York punk would know that Hell, together with the guitarist Tom Verlaine, was a founding member of the great, groundbreaking band Television. Unfortunately, tensions between Hell and Verlaine forced Hell out of the band. After a stint as a bassist with the Heartbreakers (the post-NYDolls Johnny Thunders band), Hell left them to pursue his own direction and started assembling the Voidoids.
In the meantime, Robert Quine completed a law degree and made a few failed attempts at living a square life. His stint as a tax preparer in New York finally pushed him over. He played in bands while in college, and he decided to return to playing. Fortunately for all of us, a chance acquaintance with Hell grew into an invitation to join his new band.
Richard Hell's volatile personality and the bohemian environment of downtown Manhattan were responsible for the rise and fall of the band. They made the Voidoids' music gritty, edgy, dangerous, and gave us their brilliant debut album - "Blank Generation" - on which Hell's poetry meshed with swinging, twitchy rhythms of the rhythm section and blasts of guitar skronk from Quine and Ivan Julian, the second guitarist. The combined pressures of music industry indifference, the hardships of touring and the members' drug habits eventually crushed the band.

Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation
1. Love Comes In Spurts
2. Liars Beware
3. New Pleasure
4. Betrayal Takes Two
5. Down At The Rock And Roll Club (Alternate Version)
6. Who Says?
7. Blank Generation
8. Walking On The Water
9. The Plan
10. Another World
11. I'm Your Man
12. All The Way

The artwork above is the original cover for the album; a CD reissue adds two songs (I'm Your Man and My Way) and a new cover.

A compilation of Hell's

Spurts: The Richard Hell Story
Reviews and song details
1. Love Comes in Spurts -- Neon Boys
2. That's All I Know -- Neon Boys
3. Chinese Rocks -- Heartbreakers
4. Blank Generation -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
5. Liars Beware -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
6. Walking on the Water -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
7. Love Comes in Spurts -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
8. Kid with the Replaceable Head -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
9. Crack of Dawn -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
10. Time -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
11. Ignore That Door -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
12. Lowest Common Denominator -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
13. Downtown at Dawn -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
14. Dim Star Theme -- Dim Stars
15. Baby Huey (Do You Wanna Dance) -- Dim Stars
16. Monkey -- Dim Stars [*]
17. Night Is Coming On -- Dim Stars
18. Oh -- Richard Hell & The Voidoids [*]
19. She'll Be Coming (For Dennis Cooper) -- Richard Hell
20. Rip Off -- Dim Stars
21. Blank Generation (At CBGB) -- Television

Recordings on which Quine plays are marked with [*]

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Robert Quine

Robert Quine, 1942-2004

Robert Quine, a true punk guitar virtuoso if there ever was one, and one of the most original guitar players emerging from the CBGB scene. He was the founding member of Richard Hell's Voidoids, responsible for the biting, edgy sound of the band.
Quine's playing was informed by Coltrane and Albert Ayler as much as by the Rolling Stones and the Velvet Underground, who inspired other CBGB musicians. His bearded, balding, bespectacled image was also at odds with the punk fashions of the time. He was the calm eye of the storm that was the Voidoids.
After the Voidoids fell apart, Robert Quine continued to play and record, collaborating with many notable musicians. I will try to cover some of these recordings in the retrospective. Robert descended into depression after the death of his wife Alice in 2003. He was found dead in his apartment early in June 2004, having died of heroin overdose on May 31st.

See also