Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chet Baker

Here are some 50's Chet Baker links for the Anonymous.

Chet Baker with Russ Freeman - Complete Pacific Jazz Live Recordings (1953)
Grey December (1953)
Young Chet (1954-1956)
In Paris Vol.1-4 (1955-1956)
Chet Baker And Crew (1956)
Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Picture of Heath [Playboys] (1956)
Embraceable You (1957)
Stan Meets Chet (1958)
Live in New York (1958)
Chet (1959)
Deep In A Dream - The Ultimate Chet Baker Collection (this one picks from his 1952-1965 recordings)

One LP I would personally recommend would be Chet Baker In Milan, 1959 - obscure italian sidemen, but the music is great. AMG review

VBR, 60mb on mediafire
1. Lady Bird
2. Cheryl Blues
3. Tune Up
4. Line For Lyons
5. Pent Up House
6. Look For The Silver Lining
7. Indian Summer
8. My Old Flame

Updated links:
Complete Chet Baker and Miles Davis with the Lighthouse All-Stars, 1953
Chet Baker - Ensemble, 1953

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gerry Mulligan - Re-Birth Of The Cool [1992]

Lee Konitz on the Miles Davis' "Birth of the Cool":
Miles was the titular leader because he had more of a name, and I suppose he could get the gigs; big deal, so he got one week at the Royal Roost. [...] The (Birth of the Cool) nonet was an arranger's band, because they rehearsed the music. Miles made some suggestions, but very few that I recall; I thought of it as Gerry's [Mulligan] band really. The nonet was a chamber ensemble where the solos were incidental to the writing, which was the most important aspect. - Fifties Jazz Talk: An Oral Retrospective, by Gordon Jack

In the early 1990s Mulligan decided to revisit his work with the Birth of the Cool band; he felt that a lot of the arrangements were done in a haste and wanted to do them justice.
In 1992, Mr. Mulligan revisited the "cool school" that began with the Birth of the Cool recording and assembled the Gerry Mulligan Tentet. The project, entitled "Re-Birth of the Cool" began with a recording for the GRP label with Mulligan, and Wallace Roney in Miles Davis's trumpet chair.
In the summer of 1991, in Rotterdam, Gerry told Miles he was planning to play the music again. Miles was very enthusiastic and said to let him know when it was going to be. Sadly, it was not to be, as Miles passed away.
The Gerry Mulligan Tentet, the Re-Birth of the Cool touring band, featuring Art Farmer on flugelhorn/trumpet and Lee Konitz on alto sax, embarked on a highly successful concert tour.
- Bio

Click to read a good review by Eric Thacker from The Essential Jazz Records: Modernism to postmodernism.

Gerry Mulligan - Re-Birth Of The Cool [1992]
VBR~230, 90mb on rapidshare or megaupload
1. Israel
2. Deception
3. Move
4. Rouge
5. Rocker
6. Godchild
7. Moon Dreams
8. Venus De Milo
9. Budo
10. Boplicity
11. Darn That Dream
12. Jeru

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Muddy at Newport 1960

The guests in the order of appearance: Betty Jeannette, Sammy Price, Jimmy Rushing
The band: Francis Clay - Drums; James Cotton - Harmonica; Pat Hare - Guitar; Second Guitar - ?; Otis Spann - Piano; Andrew Stephenson - Bass.
Not sure who the dancing dudes are and who are the fiddle and guitar players sitting in front (and what are they doing there?).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reader uploads

There's too much good stuff in the comments, I'll put the guest uploads in a separate post - all by the mighty Symbolkid, thanks a lot!

Howlin' Wolf's New Album, 1969
The ElectriK Mud Kats Band with Cosey on guitar backs up Wolf. The music is crazy good, but I hate the cover.

The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra - Blu Blu Blu, 1990

Muhal Richard Abrams - 1-OQA+19, 1976

Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Bob Brookmeyer - The Salle Pleyel Concerts, 1954

Vol.1 on rapidshare: pt.1 and pt.2 (via)

Vol.2 on megaupload