Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bhangra Beatz + The Rough Guide To Bhangra

Bhangra started out as a folk dance in the Punjabi region of India. Originally it was performed at a harvest festival celebration, and got its name after one important item that was harvested at the time - bhang. As more and more South Asians moved to UK in the last decades of XXth century, the new transplants began to develop their own pop culture, borrowing the elements of western musical styles such as soul, hip-hop, and R&B, and fusing them with the traditional rhythms and melodies. The new musical hybrid retained the name Bhangra and some of the traditional instruments, especially the dhol drum, responsible for the driving rhythms of the modern bhangra. Other traditional instruments are used too, including single stringed iktar and tumbi, as well as tabla and other percussion. So, light up that bhang and crank it up!

Bhangra Beatz
192 kbps, 82 mb
1. Anakhi - Lok Boliyan
2. Jassi Premi - Ludiane Nachdi Nu
3. Balbir Bittu - Soundz from the Des
4. Jazzy B - Lak De Hulareh
5. Balbir Bittu - Meri Maa Boli Punjabi
6. Balwinder Safi - Aaja Billo
7. Sukshinder Shinda - Dhamiwala Da Dhol
8. K.B. & The Gang - Nachde Punjabi
9. Soni - Doli
10. The Sahotas - Sahota Boliyan
11. Bhinda Jatt - Putt Sardaran Da

The Rough Guide To Bhangra
256 kbps, 134 mb
1. Alaap - Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye
2. Rama And Bally Sagoo - Mera Laung Gawacha
3. Bombay Talkie - Chargiye
4. Sangeeta Shankar - Pyar Ka Hai Bairi
5. Malkit Singh - Boliyan
6. Mohinder Kaur Bhamra - Gidda Pao Haan Deo
7. A.S. Kang - Valeti Boliyan
8. Bally Sagoo And Bitti Satwinder - Pendha Gidda
9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Piya Re Piya Re
10. Baldip Jabble - Janj Mahi Ley Aya
11. The Safri Boys - Par Linghade
12. Saqi - Saqian Da Dhol
13. Labh Janjua And Panjabi Mc - Mundian To Bach Ke

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Booker T and the MGs

The house band at Stax, responsible for writing and backing a variety of singers on literally hundreds of soul hits, Booker T and the MGs (short for Memphis Group) are the wellspring and cornerstone of American music. Their trademark sound of Booker T's groovy organ and piano, Steve Cropper's tastefully minimal guitar licks, melodic bass lines of Duck Dunn and the bedrock in-the-pocket backing of Al Jackson, could be heard on the recordings of Otis Redding, Albert King, Wilson Pickett and many others. Immensely influental as a backing band, they were possibly the greatest instrumental group of the sixties, too. These two discs collect their best instrumental work. Licensing considerations did not allow a single best-of collection at the time when these came out, so the first one spans their earlier years on Atlantic (1962-67), the second covers 1968-71 on Stax.

The Best of Booker T and the MGs [Atlantic]
200VBR, 63 mb
1. Green Onions
2. Mo' Onions
3. Jellybread
4. Tic-Tac-Toe
5. Soul Dressing
6. Terrible Thing
7. Can't Be Still
8. Boot-Leg
9. Summertime
10. Be My Lady
11. Red Beans and Rice
12. My Sweet Potato
13. Booker-Loo
14. Hip Hug-Her
15. Slim Jenkins' Place
16. Groovin'

The Best of Booker T and the MGs [Stax]
215VBR, 97 mb
1. Hang 'Em High
2. Eleanor Rigby
3. Soul Limbo
4. Over Easy
5. Mrs. Robinson
6. Something
7. Time Is Tight
8. Johnny, I Love You
9. Heads or Tails
10. Meditation
11. Hip Hug-Her
12. Horse
13. Slum Baby
14. Born Under a Bad Sign
15. Light My Fire
16. It's Your Thing
17. Melting Pot

Monday, June 25, 2007

Love, Peace and Poetry Vol.3 - Asian Psychedelic Music

I posted a volume from the Love Peace and Poetry series before, Vol.9 - Turkish Psychedelic Scene. Here's one more, and in my opinion this one is the best of the series. Unlike more specific compilations dedicated to the music of a particular country (Cambodian Rocks, Turkish Hava Narghile, Indian Simla Beat, or LPP's own vol. 4 dedicated to Japan), this one is a rather loose collection, bringing together anything asian. This allows the compilers to choose only the real jewels, which makes this disc really strong, and virtually every song is fantastic. The artists span the whole subcontinent, from the Near East (Turkish Erkin Koray, Baris Manco, 3 Hur-El, Mogollar), to South Asia (Indian Fentones and Confusions, Hong Kong' Teddy Robin and The Playboys, an unattributed track from Cambodia), to East Asia (Japanese Justin Heathcliff, The Mops, and Yuya Uchida, Korean San Ul Lim and Jung Hyun And The Men - see also here). This disc really sparked my interest in the psychedelic music outside the english-speaking countries. I hope it does the same for you.

Love, Peace and Poetry Vol.3 - Asian Psychedelic Music
REUP: 190VBR, 80 mb on mediafire
1. Teddy Robin & The Playboys - Magic Colours
2. Erkin Koray - Istemem
3. San Ul Lim - It Was Probably Late Summer
4. Justin Heathcliff - You Know What I Mean
5. Baris Manco - Derule
6. Cambodian Rocks - A2
7. The Mops - Blind Bird
8. Yuya Uchida & The Flowers - Greasy Heart
9. 3 Hur-el - Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle
10. The Fentones - Simla Beat Theme
11. Mogollar - Katip Arzvhalim Yaz Yare Boyle
12. Confusions - Voice From The Inner Soul
13. The Quest - 26 Miles
14. Jung Hyun And The Men - Korean A2

Friday, June 22, 2007

Vezhlivyi Otkaz

Vezhlivyi Otkaz (Вежливый Отказ - Polite Refusal) used to be my favorite group; they would probably still make my top ten, although I don't listen to them as much. A relatively obscure and atypical group, their uniqueness kept them off the charts when the formerly underground russian rock went mainstream in the late 80s, and the same unique qualities keep them from becoming obsolete, as the majority of the 80s russian rock did. Instead of the political slogans, VO's lyrics are free-form dadaist poetry, with images flickering briefly from line to line. Instead of quoting the morbid classic rock behemoths and ripping off MTV top 10, VO's music is a one-of-a-kind amalgam of jazz, pop, and folk, with accordion and trumpet interwoven with the rock section in chamber-music arrangements. But the main thing was that they were just so good. They could play circles around anyone, including 99% of american rockers and a good part of jazzmen, effortlessly navigating off-kilter rhythms and angular melodies.
VO are still semi-active; their last album was released in 2002 and they are playing live every once in a while. This album is my favorite, though; it's a compilation of their early material from 1986-1989. It is informally known as "The White LP".

Vezhlivyi Otkaz (1989)
192 kbps, 45 mb
1. Ya Uchus (I'm Learning)
2. Letargicheskiy Son (Lethargic Sleep)
3. Pomoshnik (A Helper)
4. V Chujih Ozyorah Sna... (In The Alien Dream Lakes)
5. Ey! (Hey!)
6. Proshanie (Farewell)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fanfare Ciocarlia - Iag Bari: The Gypsy Horns from the Mountain Beyond

"Looney Tunes on speed"

Fanfare Ciocarlia - Iag Bari: The Gypsy Horns from the Mountain Beyond
320 kbps, 123 mb
REUP: megaupload
1. Doina (Westside Blues)
2. Wild Silence
3. Iag Bari (the Big Longing)
4. Dust Road
5. Lume, Lume (World, World)
6. Jocul Boldenilor
7. Hora Di Petrosnitza
8. Banatzeana
9. Tu Romnie (Don't Go Away)
10. Moliendo Cafe
11. Balad Lui Ioan
12. Besh O Drom (Keep on Walking)
13. Hora Andalusia
14. Hurichestra
15. Se Te Kerau? (What Shall I Do)
16. Hora Lautareasca
17. Ginduri de Om Batrin (Old Man Thinking)
18. Bubamara [Main Version]


Earlier, I shared OHM: Early Gurus of Electronic Music; now it's shared at - on mediafire, and it's mp3 instead of m4a.

Also, here's more recent stuff I am listening to:

Earthless - Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky
Reviews: AMG, 1, 2, 3, 4.
megaupload or rapidshare pt. 1 and pt. 2
Psychedelic/stoner metal, 40 minutes of non-stop riffage.

I've been looking for Baden Powell's Os Afro-Sambas for a long time, and now it's available at The description is in portugese, so here is an article about this disc. In brief, this cycle of songs was insprired by the Afro-Brazilian spiritual tradition Candomblé and the music of samba; it was written during a three-month long drinking binge with the famous poet Vinícius de Moraes (who wrote the lyrics). The album was rerecorded in 1995, but the link is to the original one.

A great afro-caribbean funk band, Cymande, at the consistently excellent Lost In Tyme.

And the best find of them all, Hazmat Modine - Bahamut. The band is driven by a pair harmonicas, backed by tuba, drums, guitars, and trumpet, with the addition of special guests playing exotic instruments such as the claviola, the cimbalom or the Chinese mouth-organ, the bass sax and the Sarusaphone. @ This is some really crazy far-out genre-crossing stuff.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last Exit - Iron Path

Last Exit, a four-piece avant-garde jazz supergroup, brought to their improvisations a fondness for volume and violence that makes most rock bands sound tame. In the late Sonny Sharrock, Last Exit boasted a guitar pioneer whose volcanic work in the '60s New York free-jazz scene remains a profound influence on virtually every rock soloist who has experimented with noise, from Jimi Hendrix to Thurston Moore. In Germany's Peter Brötzmann, it showcased perhaps the premier exponent of energy playing among modern saxophonists; his ferocity would later be echoed by the sheets-of-sound rock-trio recordings made by his son, guitarist Caspar Brötzmann. In Ronald Shannon Jackson, it had a drummer who combined the bluesiness of his Texas heritage with African polyrhythms and the take-no-prisoners approach of Ornette Coleman's 1970s groups, of which Jackson was a vital member. And in Bill Laswell, it had a producer and organizer with close ties to the rock community, as well as a bassist capable of holding down the musical center in a musical maelstrom. @

[Iron Path is] their sole major-label release, their first studio recording, and a record that iconoclastic critic Chuck Eddy considers one of the 500 greatest heavy metal albums in the history of the universe. But that doesn't mean you should invite all your Deep Purple and Iron Maiden loving friends over for a listening party; they won't be amused. Using the studio to their advantage, Last Exit explores sonic texture on "Prayer" and "The Fire Drum," but never loses sight of the power and energy that makes their live recordings so memorable. If you were to have one Last Exit recording, this might well be the one. But any one of their live records would enhance your appreciation of this great record immeasurably. AMG

Sonny Sharrock interview

Last Exit - Iron Path
59 mb
1. Prayer
2. Iron Path
3. The Black Bat (For Aki Ikuta)
4. Marked For Death
5. The Fire Drum
6. Detonator
7. Sand Dancer
8. Cut And Run
9. Eye For An Eye
10. Devil's Rain

PS If you like this kinda music, I recommend you check out Kazutoki Umezu, shared here earlier.

PPS First Last Exit album (self-titled) over here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders - The Trance of Seven Colors

This disc reproduces a meeting between Sanders and the master Gnawa musician Maleem Mahmoud Ghania. Gnawa people are Morrocan descendents of black African slaves, who have maintained a spiritual and musical tradition that is an amalgam of Sufi mysticism and elements of West African spirit religion. The music is haunting. It is a vocal music, driven by an instrument called the guimbri...a bass lute with gut stings and a head made out of camel hide. The musician plucks the strings and slaps the head to create a sound somewhere between a bass guitar and a drum. The rest of the ensemble consists of a responding chorus who accompany the music with hand claps and Krkaba, loudly resounding hand cymbals. The music is equal parts Sufi ceremonial music and West African drum ritual. On it's own the music is compelling.
But over top of this on many of the tracks on the album, Pharoah Sanders let's loose on some of the most firey, spirit filled improvisation that he's done since the late 60s. Not all of this is out...some is quite beautiful and very melodic. His ballad Peace in Essaouira is deeply moving. But even when he maintains tonal structures and specific pitches in his improvising, there is a spirit here which is bracing. And when he goes out! It's a true meeting of the two groups, not a gimmick.
This is an album that will give you energy and literally raise the spirits. I find that I can't keep still while listening to it. It is true trance music. - Amazon review

Maleem Mahmoud Ghania with Pharoah Sanders - The Trance of Seven Colors, produced by Bill Laswell
1. La Allah Dayim Moulenah
2. Bala Moussaka
3. Hamdouchi
4. Peace In Essaouria
5. Boulandi Samawi
6. Moussa Berkiyo / Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh
7. Salat Anbi
8. Casa Casa Atougra
9. Mahraba

Monday, June 18, 2007

Plone - For Beginner Piano + Jaga Jazzist - A Living Room Hush

Two electronica albums of a sublime beauty. If you read this blog, you know that "melodic" is an adjective I use a lot to describe the music I like.

Plone is a toy-sounding music, sharing the sensibility with the 8-bit scene - they use bleeping, tinkling, buzzing sounds reminiscent of the 80s videogames as building blocks to construct delicate and beautiful pop songs.

Plone - For Beginner Piano (Warp)
Reviews: one, two
192 kbps, 55 mb
1 On My Bus (4:27)
2 Top & Low Rent (3:50)
3 Plock (3:57)
4 Marbles (3:50)
5 Busy Working (3:37)
6 The Greek Alphabet (3:47)
7 Press A Key (4:04)
8 Bibi Plone (2:53)
9 Be Rude To Your School (3:28)
10 Summer Plays Out (5:32)

The spirit of jazz does not live in the undead body that bears the name jazz nowadays, it is incarnated in a new form, and Jaga Jazzist is the one. A perfect fusion of electronica, live instruments and the post-rock atmospheric production. A modern Gil Evans would do something like this.

Jaga Jazzist - A Living Room Hush (Ninja Tune)
Reviews: one, two
192 kbps, 68 mb
1. Animal Chin
2. Going Down
3. Press Play
4. Airborne
5. Real Racecars Have Doors
6. Low Battery
7. Midget
8. Made For Radio
9. Lithuania
10. Cinematic

Great Swing Classics In Hi-Fi

Great Swing Classics In Hi-Fi
200VBR, 72 mb
1. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Jumpin' At The Woodside
2. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Harlem Air Shaft
3. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra - Intermission Riff
4. Harry James & His Orchestra - I'm Beginning To See The Light
5. Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Just An Old Manuscript
6. Les Brown & His Orchestra - A Good Man Is Hard To Find
7. Billy May & His Orchestra - Annie Laurie
8. Woody Herman & His Orchestra - Sleep
9. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra - The Peanut Vendor
10. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - Somebody Stole My Girl
11. Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Come And Get It
12. Billy May & His Orchestra - Margie
13. Les Brown & His Orchestra - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
14. Harry James & His Orchestra - Crazy Rhythm

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Andes + Heikki Sarmanto - New Hope Jazz Mass

Two jazz choral works.

Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Andes
a truly eccentric mix of funkified gospel, Monk-ish piano trio opuses, bluesy dirges and occasional flurries of cluttered, abstract solos which clash glaringly with the bulk of her work, but paint a complete picture of a really unique artist @
Another review.
Liner notes are included as PDF.

224 kbps, 90 mb
rapidshare or megaupload
1) St. Martin De Porres
2) It Ain't Necessarily So
3) The Devil
4) Miss D.D.
5) Anima Christi
6) A Grand Night for Swinging
7) My Blue Heaven
8) Dirge Blues
9) A Fungus A Mungus
10) Koolbonga
11) Forty-Five Degree Angle
12) Nicole
13) Chunka Lunka
14) Praise the Lord

Original artwork:

Heikki Sarmanto - New Hope Jazz Mass
A work for mixed choir, jazz ensemble and soprano. Written by the finnish jazz composer for the opening of New York's St. Peter church.
Originally posted at El Reza, I tagged the files and reupped it.
200VBR, 100 mb
megaupload or gigasize
1. Duke and Trane
2. Glory To God In The Highest
3. We Are God's Holy Temple
4. Hymn For The Day
5. We Beleive In One God
6. Intercessions
7. Northern Dance
8. Gracious Father
9. Holy, Holy, Holy
10. Through Him
11. Have Mercy On Us
12. Thank The Lord

Thursday, June 14, 2007

John "Buddy" Williams - Le Jazz Primitif From Trinidad

Le Jazz Primitif - can't go wrong with a name like that. Buddy Williams was a pianist and bandleader of a prime Trinidadian dance band. It sounds like they backed up all the great calypso singers in studio by day and cut the rug up for the islanders in bars at night. This is a live recording, with an appropriately muddy sound, but with a lot of excitement and loud cheering from the crowd in between the songs.
This is one half of a split LP with Buddy Williams on one side and some other dude on the other, I don't have the second side and the reviews suggest it's not worth seeking.
A word on the songs: She 'Pon Top is a mento tune by Baba Motta (available on the Mento Madness comp); Last Night The Landlord is a calypso by Lord Christo (available on the Smithsonian's Dance Calypso). I couldn't trace Shoemaker Shop and Man Is Dey, so I assume these are Buddy's originals. Alma Llanera (Soul of the Plains) is a traditional Venezuelan joropo, still very popular throughout Latin America. My coworker, a Colombian girl, recognized it as "that tune they play back home at dances in small towns... where'd you get it?"

John "Buddy" Williams - Le Jazz Primitif From Trinidad
192 kbps, 28 mb
REUP: mediafire
1. Alma Llanera
2. She 'Pon Top
3. Shoemaker Shop
4. Man is Dey
5. Last Night the Landlord Nearly Killed Me

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

John Lee Hooker - Complete 50s Chess Recordings

John Lee Hooker - Complete 50s Chess Recordings
320 kbps
REUP: CD1, 103 mb and CD2, 107 mb on megaupload
Disc: 1
1. Mad Man Blues
2. Hey Boogie
3. Louise
4. High Priced Woman
5. Union Station Blues
6. Ground Hog Blues
7. Leave My Wife Alone
8. Ramblin' By Myself
9. Dreamin' Blues
10. Just Me And My Telephone
11. Walkin' The Boogie (Alternate)
12. Sugar Mama
13. Please Don't Go
14. I Don't Want Your Money
15. Hey Baby
16. Bluebird
Disc: 2
1. Walkin' the Boogie
2. Love Blues
3. Lonely Boy Boogie (a/k/a New Boogie)
4. Apologize
5. The Journey
6. Worried Life Blues
7. Down At The Landing
8. You Have Two Hearts
9. It's My Own Fault
10. Blues For Big Town
11. Women and Money
12. Big Fine Woman
13. Tell Me Baby
14. Blues For Christmas
15. Cry Baby Cry

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Klaus Nomi - Encore!

Since I posted the Tiger Lillies, I found out the proper term for a male singing soprano: it's not castrati, it's countertenor. So, here's another one of those rare beasts, a rock countertenor.
Calling him "rock" is a bit of a stretch, of course: his flamboyantly eclectic albums place old rock'n'roll standards (Elvis' Falling In Love, Chubby Checker's Twist) side by side with the girl group pop (Lesley Gore's You Don't Own Me, Lou Christie's Lightning Strikes), opera (Samson and Delilah, Schumann's Der Nussbaum), as well as stabs at disco and new-wavish synth pop; but rock is probably the only genre omnivorous enough to accept him as one's own. Nomi's stage image was equaly flamboyant and eclectic, fusing the black-and-white 20's arlequin looks with futuristic suits, space-age makeup and hairdo and a robotic Kabuki choreography. Klaus Nomi recorded two LPs - Klaus Nomi and Simple Man - before his untimely death of AIDS in 1983. Encore! is a good introduction to his work, combining a selection from both albums with a couple of previously unissued tracks.

Klaus Nomi - Encore!
192 kbps, 67 mb.
1. Fanfare
2. Cold Song
3. Total Eclipse
4. Can't Help Falling In Love
5. Simple Man
6. Wasting My Time
7. Wayward Sisters
8. Ding Dong
9. You Don't Own Me
10. Der Nussbaum
11. Lightning Strikes
12. The Twist
13. Samson And Delilah

Alternatively, you can get the more extensive The Essential compilation.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Primus - Singles: They Can't All Be Zingers (Best Of)

Too bad Bob is not included.

Primus - Singles: They Can't All Be Zingers (Best Of)
215VBR, 116 mb
1. To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
2. John The Fisherman
3. Too Many Puppies
4. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
5. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
6. Tommy The Cat
7. My Name Is Mud
8. Mr. Krinkle
9. DMV
10. Over The Electric Grapevine
11. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
12. Southbound Pachyderm
13. Over The Falls
14. Shake Hands With Beef
15. Coattails Of A Dead Man
16. Mary The Ice Cube

Africa Raps

A compilation of hip hop mostly from Senegal, with some MC's from Gambia and Mali. The rhyming is mostly in French with a few tracks in Wolof. The idea here is to give a snapshot of what hip hop is like in Dakar, thankfully not an attempt to cross over in Europe or the US. Many of the tracks have a very strident African groove, with minimal breaks and pounding beats learned from old-to-mid school hip hop. 16 tracks including "Africa Child" by Abass Abass, "Kay Jel Ma" by Bibson/Xuman, "CBV" by Art 158, "Omzo" by Kunu Abal Ay Beut, Ojoloff" by Metite, "Tata Pound" by Badala, "Positively Black Soul" by Boul Ma Mine" and more. *
More reviews: shorter one and longer one.

Africa Raps (Senegal, Mali and The Gambia)
1. Abass Abass feat. Daby - Africa Child
2. Bibson & Xuman - Kay Jel Ma
3. C.B.V. - Art. 158
4. Gokh-BI System - Xaesal
5. Omzo - Kunu Abal Ay beut
6. V.A. - Libre ego
7. Sen Kumpe - Lou Deux bi lath
8. Da Brains - Axirou Zaman
9. Djoloff - Metite
10. Da Fugitivz - Kepp Kui Bangh
11. Pee Froiss - Jalgaty
12. Tata Pound - Badala
13. Abass Abass - Urgence
14. Les Escrocs - Pirates
15. BMG 44 - Xam
16. Positive Black Soul - Boul Ma Mine

Friday, June 8, 2007

Electric Gypsyland 2

Like its predecessor, Electric Gypsyland 2 is a collection of reinterpretations of recordings by several modern Balkan bands — some of the new versions are relatively straightforward remixes, while others are much more dramatic and imaginative reworkings of the source material. Unlike the first volume in this series, however, this one also includes a bonus disc that offers original, untouched versions of songs by those same bands (though they're not always the same tracks as the ones remixed on the first disc). The format and presentation of this collection may be a bit unusual and even disconcerting, but that's probably as it should be — the same is true of the music itself, which is a wild fusion of musical styles even in its original form and is even more kaleidoscopically varied in the remixes. Check out the wild, almost klezmer-sounding clarinet on Koçani Orkestar's "Mi Bori San Korani," and the glitchy techno underpinnings that Smadji installs beneath it, or the dubwise production effects that DJ ClicK applies to Mahala Raï Banda's already faintly reggae-inflected "Romano Dance." But the album's highlight is "Red Bula," a brilliant piece of party-ready horn-based Gypsy dance funk given an even wilder setting by Balkan Beat Box. Contributions by Cibelle and Oi Va Voi are equally exciting. Highly recommended. - AMG review
More reviews: one, two

CD1 on megaupload or mediafire
CD2 on mediafire or megaupload

Disc 1
1. Homecoming — Tunng vs. Taraf de Haidouks
2. Alone At My Wedding — Buscemi vs. Kocani Orkestar
3. Oi Bori Sujie — Animal Collective vs. Kocani Orkestar
4. Red Bula- Balkan Beat Box vs. Mahala Rai Banda
5. Romano Dance — DJ Click vs. Mahala Rai Banda
6. Mi Bori San Korani — Smadj vs. Kocani Orkestar
7. Duba Duba Si Hora — Shantel vs. Taraf de Haidouks
8. A Rom And A Home — Oi Va Voi vs. Taraf de Haidouks
9. Maxutu — Cibelle vs. Kocani Orkestar
10. The Man Who Drinks- Forty Thieves Orkestar vs. Mahala Rai Banda
11. Moreau D’Amour — Nouvelle Vague vs. Mahala Rai Banda
12. Neacsu In Africa — ShrineSynchroSystem vs. Taraf de Haidouks
13. Immigrant Radio/Soldier Tufaiev Abroad — Yuriy Gurzhy/Russendisko & Friends vs. Zelwer
14. Go East — Gaetano Fabri vs. Taraf de Haidouks
15. Ismail Oro — 43 Skidoo feat. Susgeela Raman vs. Kocani Orkestar
16. Spoitoresa Revisited (Got The Parts Mix) — Russ & Roc vs. Mahala Rai Banda

Disc 2
1. Cudna Zena - Kocani Orkestar
2. Siki, Siki Baba - Kocani Orkestar
3. L'Orient Est Rouge - Kocani Orkestar
4. Duba, Duba Si Hora - Taraf De Haidouks
5. Terno Chelipe - Taraf De Haidouks
6. Cind Eram La '48 - Taraf De Haidouks
7. A La Turk - Taraf De Haidouks
8. Spoitoresa - Mahala Rai Banda
9. Lest Sexy - Mahala Rai Banda
10. Romano Dance - Mahala Rai Banda
11. The Fiancee's Dream - Zelwer
12. Soldier Tufaiev Gets Married - Zelwer

Thursday, June 7, 2007

J.J. Cale - Naturally + Troubadour

If the Anthology is not enough for you, here are two more albums. These links are plundered from a blog which is now deceased.

320kbps, 82 mb
megaupload, mediafire
1. Hey Baby
2. Travelin' Light
3. You Got Something
4. Ride Me High
5. Hold On
6. Cocaine
7. I'm A Gypsy Man
8. The Woman That Got Away
9. Super Blue
10. Let Me Do It To You
11. Cherry
12. You Got Me So Bad

320 kbps, 73 mb
REUP: mediafire
1. Call Me The Breeze
2. Call The Doctor
3. Don't Go To Strangers
4. Woman I Love
5. Magnolia
6. Clyde
7. Crazy Mama
8. Nowhere To Run
9. After Midnight
10. River Runs Deep
11. Bringing It Back
12. Crying Eyes

Slonovski Bal - Balkanska Rumba

A follow-up to the Fanfare Ciocarlia post. Slonovski Bal (An Elephant Ball) is another excellent contemporary balkan brass band. Jazz and gypsy music, oriental and latin rhythms all mixed up in a heady brew that would make you jump and kick.

Slonovski Bal - Balkanska Rumba
56 mb
1. Niska Banja
2. Dada Sali
3. Istocni Bal
4. Patalo
5. Tuniski Cocek
6. Paradextika
7. Leskovacko Kolo
8. Ciganska Recenica
9. Splet Cocek
10. Orient Rumba
11. Fiju Fiju
12. Slatki Cocek
13. Tesko Oro

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X

A perfect marriage of indie rock and electronica on a set of great pop songs. One of the very, very few records from the mainstream radio that I can relate to.

Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X
192 kbps, 72 mb
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1. Low Place Like Home
2. Tesko Suicide
3. 6 Underground
4. Becoming X
5. Spin Spin Sugar
6. Post-Modern Sleaze
7. Waterbaby
8. Roll On
9. Wasted Early Sunday Morning
10. Walking Zero
11. How Do
12. 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Electric Gypsyland I

The Crammed label has asked some of today's most interesting electronic music producers from the UK, Brazil, France, Turkey, the US, Yugoslavia, Chile, Germany and Belgium to create their own reinterpretation of tracks by Crammed's leading Balkan Gypsy bands such as Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar & newcomers Mahala Rai Banda. @

It's no surprise that remixers would get around to gypsy music--it's a tradition filled with great melodies and dancing rhythms that are ripe for harvest. Featuring source material from the great Taraf de Haïdouks, Koçani Orkestar, and Mahala Rai Banda, this collection was originally put together by the folks at the well-regarded Crammed Disc label, which is home to an impressive array of modern electronic and world music artists. The 15 production teams here come from all points on the globe; but, with the exception of Arto Lindsay and Melvin Gibb's dark experimental take on Haïdouk's "Murgur Mugurel," much of it has a driving rhythmic appeal that will draw people (gypsy music fan or not) on to the dance floor. The production skills are impressive as well, re-imagining these folk songs into vibrant kaleidoscopes of sound. Definitely not an album for gypsy music purists, this is a fine new 21st century vision of the genre we thought we knew. Amazon

86 mb
1. Carolina - Bucovina Club Vs. Taraf De Haidouks
2. L'Orient Est Rouge - Lightening Head Vs. Kocani Orkestar
3. Usti, Usti Baba - Senor Coconut Vs. Kocani Orkestar
4. Dumbala Dumba - DJ Dolores Vs. Taraf De Haidouks
5. Iest Sexy - Shantel Vs. Mahala Rai Banda
6. Cind Eram La '48 - Juryman Vs. Taraf De Hairdouks
7. Siki, Siki Baba - Gaetano Fabri Vs. Kocani Orkestar
8. Cuculetsu - Bumcella Vs. Taraf De Hairdouks
9. L'Orient Est Roots - Bigga Bush Vs. Kocani Orkestar
10. Fantasia For Clarinet - Modern Quartet Vs. Kocani Orkestar
11. Mugur Mugural - Arto Lindsay & Melvin Gibbs Vs. Taraf De Hairdouks
12. Siki, Siki Baba - Mercan Dede Vs. Kocani Orkestar
13. Are You Gypsified? (Megamix) - Kocani Orkestar
14. A La Turk - Cop & Thief Vs. Taraf De Hairdouks
15. Cudna Zena - Modern Quartet Vs. Kocani Orkestar

Eddie Lang - Jazz Guitar Virtuoso

Beautiful early jazz guitar. Eddie Lang was the first player who defined guitar as a real jazz instrument. He was in great demand as a studio player during his tragically brief life, guesting on recordings by anybody who was anybody in the late 20s' jazz, from Armstrong, Ellington, Bix, and Dorsey brothers on down. This Yazoo comp collects his sides as a leader, including two solo pieces (Rachmaninoff's Prelude opens the disc), duos with guitarists Lonnie Johnson and Karl Cress, and several guitar-piano duos as well.
Read his bio here or a longer article here.
Bitrate isn't high, but I don't think this matters for recordings from 1920s.

Eddie Lang - Jazz Guitar Virtuoso
128 kbps, 38 mb
1. Prelude
2. Pickin' My Way
3. Rainbow Dreams
4. Blue Guitars
5. April Kisses
6. I'll Never Be The Same
7. Blue Room
8. Eddie's Twister
9. Midnight Call Blues
10. Perfect
11. A Little Love, A Little Kiss
12. Melody Man's Dream
13. Feeling My Way
14. Church Street Sobbin' Blues

Monday, June 4, 2007

Dave Pike - Limbo Carnival

I've been looking for this album for the longest time, and found it just today posted at the great Orgy in Rhythm! The american vibist and bandleader Dave Pike is also heard here on marimba. This disc is one of the more successfull attempts at calypso-jazz fusion. It's been recently reissued as a half of the "Carnavals" CD together with another Dave Pike album, Bossa Nova Carnival (not sure what's with the spelling, but that's how they wrote it). A selection with some calypso standards (Matilda, Jamaica Farewell) and three latin jazz/calypso jazz crossover pieces - Charlie Parker's Little Suede Shoes and two tunes by the greatest sax player that ever lived, Sonny Rollins. Highly recommended to calypso fans, jazzheads and the "world music" buffs!

Dave Pike - Limbo Carnival
320 kbps
Get it at!
1. La Bamba (Valens) 7:46
2. My Little Suede Shoes (Parker) 3:39
3. Matilda (Span) 3:59
4. Mambo Bounce (Rollins) 3:15
5. Limbo Rock (Sheldon, Strange) 2:26
6. Calypso Blues (Cole, George) 3:49
7. Cattin' Latin (Poindexter) 4:47
8. St. Thomas (Rollins) 3:45
9. Jamaica Farewell (Burgess) 4:57

Friday, June 1, 2007

Today this blog had its hundredth posting and also its 4000th visit.
I'd like to celebrate the occasion with a song which is probably the most-played track on my iPod:

Los Tres Diamantes - Perdon (direct link).

Thanks to all the people who come here!
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