Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tabou Combo - New York City (1974)

Here's an album I am seriously digging lately. A prime example of Haitian konpa style, this was recorded live in New York. I think this album came out under two different names (and possibly resequenced?): as 8eme Sacrement and as New York City.

Review: The group's relentless, high-energy style knows no language barrier. Singing in English, Spanish, French or their native Creole, Tabou serves a hot mix of grooves and textures with multiple roots, including a strong dose of the Dominican Republic's national dance music, Merengue. In addition, they offer up Haiti's dance-till-you-drop carnival music, rara, the hypnotic drums of Haitian voodoo rituals. The quadrilles and contra-dances from Haiti's French colonizers join funk from the American soul era. The music includes the feel of West African Soukous topped with bright piano riff and the brassy sound of an all-American horn section. @

Tabou Combo - New York City (1974)
High VBR, 80.64mb on sharebee
1. 8th Sacrement
2. Pace Domine
3. Come Back My Love
4. Respect/Zapaton
5. New York City
6. Courai
7. Education

Pierre Henri and Spooky Tooth - Ceremony: An Electronic Mass

Yet another, possibly the weirdest entry in the list of Catholic-Mass-as-pop albums. This is a brainchild of the french composer Pierre Henri, the XXth century classical/avantgarde artist, known for his experimental electronic music and musique concrete works. He enlisted a british blues-rock band Spooky Tooth as studio musicians. The end product sounds kinda like Hawkwind with Stockhausen instead of Dik Mik manning the electronics. The resulting LP was marketed as a Spooky Tooth album.

I got it at the wonderful Closet of Curiosities blog, but it is also available at the Mutant Sounds and Zappadalata.
Also, a review.

Pierre Henri and Spooky Tooth - Ceremony: An Electronic Mass on 4shared
1. Confession
2. Have Mercy
3. Credo
4. Offering
5. Hosanna
6. Prayer

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping

Very pleasant soul-jazz with unusual psychedelic-sounding harp arpeggios. Those after beats'n'breaks would find them here galore. Sounds like it's been mixed by a drummer, though - the percussion tracks are a little too prominent for their own good.

Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping (1968)
66mb on sharebee
1. Soul Vibrations
2. Games
3. Action Line
4. Lonely Girl
5. Life Has Its Trials
6. Afro-Harping
7. Little Sunflower
8. Theme from Valley of the Dolls
9. Come Live With Me
10. The Look of Love

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Johnny Seaton with Danny Gatton - Uptown + Reaction

Two fantastic obscure albums from a rockabilly revivalist Johnny Seaton with the great Danny Gatton on guitar. Unfortunately, I could not find the covers.

Johnny Seaton with Danny Gatton - Reaction (1985)
192kbps, 42.5mb on sharebee
1. Reaction
2. The Wheels Start Turnin
3. Rough'n'Tough
4. Crazier Than Me
5. I Ain't Gittin Rid Of You
6. Rockin Man
7. I Wouldn't Do The Same Thing To You
8. Big City Baby
9. 59 Phantom
10. Stop Lovin All The World

Johnny Seaton with Danny Gatton - Uptown (1983)
192kbps, 36.4mb on sharebee
1. Uptown
2. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
3. Come On Little Mama *
4. Don't Play With Me
5. I'm Feelin Sorry
6. Get With It
7. All Messed Up With Raw Deal
8. Right Now
9. Blue Monday
10. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
11. Willin And Ready *
(Gatton does not play on Come On Little Mama and Willin and Ready)

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Irene Schweizer - Jazz Meets India

Quite an amazing fusion of indian classical and european free jazz, a live recording from two different dates. Irene Schweizer Trio, Schoof, and Wilen represent the free jazz side of the coin; Dewan Motihar Trio (sitar, tabla, tamboura) are the indian side; the two seemingly incompatible musical traditions mesh seamlessly here.

Irene Schweizer Trio + Dewan Motihar Trio with Manfred Schoof and Barney Wilen - Jazz meets India [1967]
320kbps, 81mb on sharebee
1. Sun Love
2. Yaad
3. Brigach and Ganges


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