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Monday, September 15, 2008

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin - Missa Luba

Who would've thought there are so many different catholic masses; it just gets weirder and weirder. Here's one I read about in "Can't Find My Way Home" by Martin Torgoff, a book on the history of drugs in America. Timothy Leary speaks: "This is around the time we first started calling it acid. I remember lying flat on our backs for hours. We'd listen to Ravi Shankar and Missa Louba, from Zaire, which is the mass, partly in Latin, done entirely with drums and African chanting. That was one of our favorites, along with the late quartets of Beethoven." I mean, how much more of a recommendation do you need?
A Belgian missionary, father Guido Haazen, came to Congo in the 1950s to preach and teach. He formed a catholic school for boys, and with it a choir of about 45 kids, with percussion section - "The Troubadours of King Baudouin". The present recording is an attempt to reinvent the lithurgy using native music as a basis. Many sections of the mass are latin texts adapted to the folk melodies.
I included liner notes and a couple of articles in the archive, so I'll keep it brief. A reissue LP (1969?) had the mass on one side and some of the original folk songs on the other. The original LP (1963) also had a few more tracks ("children's songs from Baluba") that were omitted from the subsequent reissues, not sure why. I located and included three of these as a bonus; the quality is lower than the rest.

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin - Missa Luba, 1963
320kbps, 76mb on depositfiles
1. Dibwe Diambula Kabanda (Marriage Song)
2. Lutuku & A Bene Kanyoka (Emergence From Grief)
3. Ebu Ewale Kemai (Marriage Ballad)
4. Katunbu [Katumbo] (Dance)
5. Seya Ya Mama Ndalamba (Marital Celebration)
6. Banaha (Soldiers Song)
7. Twai Tshinaminai (Work Song)
8. Missa Luba: Kyrie
9. Missa Luba: Gloria
10. Missa Luba: Credo
11. Missa Luba: Sanctus
12. Missa Luba: Benedictus
13. Missa Luba: Agnus Dei
14. Kamiole [Children's songs from Baluba]
15. Kamuyambi [Children's songs from Baluba]
16. Katende [Children's songs from Baluba]

Alternative artwork

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pierre Henri and Spooky Tooth - Ceremony: An Electronic Mass

Yet another, possibly the weirdest entry in the list of Catholic-Mass-as-pop albums. This is a brainchild of the french composer Pierre Henri, the XXth century classical/avantgarde artist, known for his experimental electronic music and musique concrete works. He enlisted a british blues-rock band Spooky Tooth as studio musicians. The end product sounds kinda like Hawkwind with Stockhausen instead of Dik Mik manning the electronics. The resulting LP was marketed as a Spooky Tooth album.

I got it at the wonderful Closet of Curiosities blog, but it is also available at the Mutant Sounds and Zappadalata.
Also, a review.

Pierre Henri and Spooky Tooth - Ceremony: An Electronic Mass on 4shared
1. Confession
2. Have Mercy
3. Credo
4. Offering
5. Hosanna
6. Prayer

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

David Axelrod - Messiah

A visitor suggested this album in the comments to the Schifrin post - much thanks for the tip!
A review: Axelrod had worked in the pseudo classical crossover field before-namely the Prunes' 'Mass in F Minor' and 'Release of an Oath' but in 1971 the Axe decide to take on Handel! The opening 'Overture' is one of the high points of an excellent album-a kind of mini overview of his bag of tricks. We get Fuzz Guitar, funky drumming and oodles of strings and brass. The vocal tracks don't work quite as well apart from the rather stirring version of 'Hallelujah'. This LP has already been sampled for its beats, which surely must be a first for a classics based record.

David Axelrod's Rock Interpretations of Handel's Messiah
VBR, 39mb on mediafire: get it at the Milk Crate Breaks blog.
Milk Crate Breaks is an excellent site, worth checking out in its entirety: more Axelrod albums, Maceo Parker, the JBs and other goodies.
You can also download this album and listen to several tracks over here.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Paul Horn - Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts

To continue last week's Schifrin post:

Review: Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts by Paul Horn - composed and conducted by Lalo Schifrin. A fascinating and award-winning combination of jazz and liturgical music that holds up well over thirty years later. In fact, it's surprising this has yet to be released on CD given the recent chant music fad. Horn, playing flutes, clarinet and alto sax, is accompanied by his quartet, a small orchestra and chorus. There is a meditative quality to much of the music (except the free-ish "Credo"), yet the performances come alive on such up-tempo pieces as "Kyrie" and "Offertory." Again, Schifrin marries multiple and opposing styles with a poetry that is all his own. Many of these titles were dramatically overhauled for Schifrin's later release, Rock Requiem (1971) and revisited as is on his own quite excellent JAZZ MASS IN CONCERT (1998). In 1965, Jazz magazine called JAZZ SUITE "one of the best attempts at religious jazz, on or off record" and Down Beat said "from a jazz point of view, there are several fine spots on this disc. But they are just spots, and if jazz is one's primary interest, the jazz in this suite is well diluted by non-jazz elements."
Detailed notes on performances

Also mentioned in a Time magazine article from 1965: Cool Creeds

Paul Horn - Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts
320kbps, 66mb on megaupload
1. Kyrie
2. Interludium
3. Gloria
4. Credo
5. Sanctus
6. Prayer
7. Offertory
8. Agnus Dei

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lalo Schifrin - Rock Requiem

Another entry on the theme of lithurgical-music-as-pop, to continue New Hope Jazz Mass and Latin Mass.

Review: Out of print and hard to find, this was released at a time when "rock opera" and concept themes were popular (or interesting to consider). Deftly mixing elements of rock, gospel, jazz and secular music, Schifrin employs a choir and LA studio musicians in this unusual and fascinating tribute "for the dead in the Southeast Asia War." Rock Requiem stands strong as a sequel of sorts to Schifrin's cantata, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1968) and the liturgical Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts (as recorded by Paul Horn in 1964). Worth the attention.
Detailed notes on the performances are here.

Also mentioned in a 1972 Time article Pop Goes the Bible.

Lalo Schifrin - Rock Requiem
320kbps, 86mb on sharebee
1. The Procession
2. Introit
3. Kyrie Eleison
4. Gradual
5. Tract
6. Offertory Verse
7. Sanctus Benedictus
8. Agnus Dei
9. Final Prayer

I'll throw in another Schifrin album I am currently listening to. They say it's one of his best. The uploads are not mine.
Review: Schifrin produced in 1966 what remains truly one of his greatest musical achievements. Essentially a baroque take on jazz, Schifrin creates his own beautiful variations on the classics here. His inspiration is diverse, even divine - Henry Purcell ("Aria"), Bach ("Bossa Antique"), Francis Hopkinson ("Beneath a Weeping Willow Shade"), Telemann ("Old Laces"), even Ramsey Lewis and the Rolling Stones ("The Wig"). The musicianship is first-rate too; especially Schifrin's graceful and evocative piano and Gene Bertoncini's lovely guitar. Without question, a unique, gorgeous and inspired statement and one of the buried treasures in 1960's jazz.
Detailed notes on the performances are here.

Lalo Schifrin — Marquis de Sade (1966)
Full title: "The Dissection and Reconstruction of Music From the Past as performed by the Inmates of Lalo Schifrin's Demented Ensemble as a Tribute to the Memory of the Marquis De Sade"
192kbps, 44mb on megaupload or mediafire - NEW LINKS
1. Old Laces
2. The Wig
3. The Blues For Johann Sebastian
4. Renaissance
5. Beneath A Weeping Willow Shade
6. Versailles Promenade
7. Troubadour
8. Marquis De Sade
9. Aria
10. Bossa Antique

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Andes + Heikki Sarmanto - New Hope Jazz Mass

Two jazz choral works.

Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Andes
a truly eccentric mix of funkified gospel, Monk-ish piano trio opuses, bluesy dirges and occasional flurries of cluttered, abstract solos which clash glaringly with the bulk of her work, but paint a complete picture of a really unique artist @
Another review.
Liner notes are included as PDF.

224 kbps, 90 mb
rapidshare or megaupload
1) St. Martin De Porres
2) It Ain't Necessarily So
3) The Devil
4) Miss D.D.
5) Anima Christi
6) A Grand Night for Swinging
7) My Blue Heaven
8) Dirge Blues
9) A Fungus A Mungus
10) Koolbonga
11) Forty-Five Degree Angle
12) Nicole
13) Chunka Lunka
14) Praise the Lord

Original artwork:

Heikki Sarmanto - New Hope Jazz Mass
A work for mixed choir, jazz ensemble and soprano. Written by the finnish jazz composer for the opening of New York's St. Peter church.
Originally posted at El Reza, I tagged the files and reupped it.
200VBR, 100 mb
megaupload or gigasize
1. Duke and Trane
2. Glory To God In The Highest
3. We Are God's Holy Temple
4. Hymn For The Day
5. We Beleive In One God
6. Intercessions
7. Northern Dance
8. Gracious Father
9. Holy, Holy, Holy
10. Through Him
11. Have Mercy On Us
12. Thank The Lord

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Os Mundi - Latin Mass

A fine piece of prog from the early 70s. German band recreates catholic mass as a psychedelic concept album; you could call it "The pope meets the dope". The lyrics are in latin (although Kyrie Eleison is greek, isn't it?), and the music is typical late-60s organ/fuzz mongering, but of the good kind. Some fragments are very reminiscent of the Doors' hypnotic jams (i.e. The End); online reviewers also call this album "krautrock" and compare it with Uriah Heep and Iron Butterfly.

Os Mundi - Latin Mass
192 kbps, 57 mb
1. Overture
2. Kyrie
3. Gloria
4. Credo I
5. Credo II
6. Sanctus
7. Agnus Dei