Monday, September 15, 2008

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin - Missa Luba

Who would've thought there are so many different catholic masses; it just gets weirder and weirder. Here's one I read about in "Can't Find My Way Home" by Martin Torgoff, a book on the history of drugs in America. Timothy Leary speaks: "This is around the time we first started calling it acid. I remember lying flat on our backs for hours. We'd listen to Ravi Shankar and Missa Louba, from Zaire, which is the mass, partly in Latin, done entirely with drums and African chanting. That was one of our favorites, along with the late quartets of Beethoven." I mean, how much more of a recommendation do you need?
A Belgian missionary, father Guido Haazen, came to Congo in the 1950s to preach and teach. He formed a catholic school for boys, and with it a choir of about 45 kids, with percussion section - "The Troubadours of King Baudouin". The present recording is an attempt to reinvent the lithurgy using native music as a basis. Many sections of the mass are latin texts adapted to the folk melodies.
I included liner notes and a couple of articles in the archive, so I'll keep it brief. A reissue LP (1969?) had the mass on one side and some of the original folk songs on the other. The original LP (1963) also had a few more tracks ("children's songs from Baluba") that were omitted from the subsequent reissues, not sure why. I located and included three of these as a bonus; the quality is lower than the rest.

Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin - Missa Luba, 1963
320kbps, 76mb on depositfiles
1. Dibwe Diambula Kabanda (Marriage Song)
2. Lutuku & A Bene Kanyoka (Emergence From Grief)
3. Ebu Ewale Kemai (Marriage Ballad)
4. Katunbu [Katumbo] (Dance)
5. Seya Ya Mama Ndalamba (Marital Celebration)
6. Banaha (Soldiers Song)
7. Twai Tshinaminai (Work Song)
8. Missa Luba: Kyrie
9. Missa Luba: Gloria
10. Missa Luba: Credo
11. Missa Luba: Sanctus
12. Missa Luba: Benedictus
13. Missa Luba: Agnus Dei
14. Kamiole [Children's songs from Baluba]
15. Kamuyambi [Children's songs from Baluba]
16. Katende [Children's songs from Baluba]

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Golden Age Gospel Choirs (1954-1963)

Golden Age Gospel Choirs (1954-1963)
128kbps, 62mb on sharebee
1. The Back Home Choir - He's So Mighty
2. The Back Home Choir - I Trust Him
3. The Back Home Choir - Ride On King Jesus
4. The Back Home Choir - Without God I Can Do Nothing
5. The Back Home Choir - He Knows How Much We Can Bear
6. The Back Home Choir - Climbing High Mountains
7. The Back Home Choir - Come Out The Wilderness
8. The Back Home Choir - Yes I Found Him
9. The Back Home Choir - Jesus
10. The Back Home Choir - Jordan River
11. The Pentecostal Choir Of Detroit - Prayer Wheel Turning Over
12. The Pentecostal Choir Of Detroit - How Glad Am I
13. The Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Sit Down Children
14. The Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Working On The Building
15. The Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Run And Help Us Tell
16. Voices Of Victory - Invocation (The Lord's Prayer)
17. Voices Of Victory - I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
18. Voices Of Victory - The Angels Keep Watching
19. Voices Of Victory - Great Change In Me
20. Voices Of Victory - Lord, Lord, Lord
21. Voices Of Victory - I Am Somebody
22. Voices Of Victory - Blessed Assurance
23. Voices Of Victory - Benediction (The Lord's Prayer)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Benny Golson - Tune In, Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties

Not only the commercials, but also movie themes (Magnificent Seven), and contemporary pop music (No Matter What Shape) are given a chamber jazz arrangement by the jazz legend Benny Golson. Good music, I like it.

Benny Golson - Tune In, Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties [1967]
192kbps, 46mb on sharebee
1. Music To Watch Girls By
2. Wink
3. The Disadvantages Of You
4. No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)
5. Right Any Time Of The Day
6. Music To Think By
7. The Swinger
8. The Magnificent Seven
9. Cool Whip
10. The Golden Glow
11. Fried Bananas
12. Happiness Is

PS. "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)", an instrumental piece that Sareceno had lifted from a then-popular Alka-Seltzer TV commercial.
From 1963 the [Magnificent Seven] theme was used in commercials in the USA for Marlboro cigarettes
So I guess all of this music really is from commercials.

Les Freres Dejean - L'Univers

I never thought I will say this, but here is an album that's as good as the best of Orchestra Baobab. Must hear!

Les Freres Dejean - L'Univers
320kbps, 111mb on megaupload
1. L'Humanite
2. Conviction
3. Experience
4. Naide
5. Yoyo
6. L'Univers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Golden Age Gospel Quartets Volume Two (1954-1963)

Golden Age Gospel Quartets Volume Two (1954-1963)
128kbps, 70mb on sharebee
1. The Soul Stirrers - He'll Make A Way
2. The Soul Stirrers - Be With Me Jesus
3. The Chosen Gospel Singers - Don't Worry About Me
4. The Chosen Gospel Singers - What A Wonderful Sight
5. The Chosen Gospel Singers - The Lifeboat Is Coming
6. The Pilgrim Travelers - Straight Street
7. The Pilgrim Travelers - After While
8. The Pilgrim Travelers - Did You Stop To Pray This Morning
9. The Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - What Do You Know (About Jesus)
10. The Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - Oh, Lord
11. The Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - Tell Jesus (What You Want)
12. The Pilgrim Jubilee Singers - Yesteryear
13. Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Broken Heart Of Mine
14. Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Goodbye Mother
15. Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - I've Been Born Again
16. The Soul Stirrers - Were You There
17. The Soul Stirrers - Sinner To Jesus
18. The Soul Stirrers - Out On A Hill
19. The Gate City Singers - I Thank You Jesus
20. The Gate City Singers - Peace In The Valley
21. The Capitol City Stars - Friends Talk About Me
22. The Capitol City Stars - Jesus, I Love To Call Your Name
23. The Clefs Of Calvary - Trouble Of This World
24. The Clefs Of Calvary - Miracle Temple
25. The Gable Airs - Move Upstairs
26. The Gable Airs - Miracle Temple
27. The Gable Airs - Travelin' Shoes

Golden Age Gospel Quartets Volume One (1947-1954)

Golden Age Gospel Quartets Volume One (1947-1954)
128kbps, 72mb on sharebee
1. The Southern Harmonizers - These Old Bones
2. The Southern Harmonizers - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
3. The Pilgrim Travelers - The Old Rugged Cross
4. The Pilgrim Travelers - He Will Remember Me
5. The Golden Echoes - Since I Laid My Burden Down (Glory, Glory Hallelujah)
6. The Golden Echoes - Where Shall I Be (When The First Trumpet Sounds)
7. The Paramount Singers - He Means So Much To Me
8. The Paramount Singers - Heaven In My View
9. The Soul Stirrers - Faith And Grace
10. The Soul Stirrers - By And By
11. The Pilgrim Travelers - Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb
12. The Pilgrim Travelers - Jesus, I'm Thankful
13. The Detroiters - Let Jesus Lead You
14. The Detroiters - Mother, I Need Your Prayer
15. The Soul Stirrers - Peace In The Valley
16. The Soul Stirrers - Christ Is All
17. The Chosen Gospel Singers - Before This Time Another Year
18. The Chosen Gospel Singers - Leaning On The Lord
19. The Swan Silvertones - I'm Coming Home
20. The Swan Silvertones - He Won't Deny Me
21. The Pilgrim Travelers - Weary Traveler
22. The Pilgrim Travelers - My Old Home
23. Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - There Is A Fountain
24. Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama - Marching Up To Zion
25. The West Coast Jubilees - Since Jesus Came To My Heart (Live)
26. The West Coast Jubilees - He'll Be There (Live)