Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Africa 100 (Afrobeat Box) #3

Pt.7, 99mb on sharebee
606 - Tony Allen & His Afro Messengers - No Discrimination - corrupted, get it here
607 - Johnson Mkhalali - Joyce No. 2 - corrupted, get it here
608 - King Sunny Ade & His African Beats - Ja Funmi
609 - Amaswazi Emvelo - Indoda Yejazi Elimnyama
610 - Pacific Express - The Way It Used To Be
611 - Miriam Makeba - Maria Fulo
612 - Youssou N'dour & Etoile De Dakar - Wadiour
613 - Tunde Williams & Africa 70 - Mr. Big Mouth
614 - The Funkees - Dancing Time
615 - Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Lomhlaba Kawunoni (The Earth Never Gets Fat)
701 - Girma Beyene - Ene Negn Bay Manesh
702 - Tp Orchestra Poly-Rhythmo De Cotonou Dahomey - Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
703 - Sweet Talks - Eyi Su Ngaangaa
704 - African Brothers - Sakatumbe

Pt.8, 84mb on sharebee
705 - Dan Boadi & His African Internationals - Play That Funky Music
706 - Manu Dibango - Mwasa Makossa
707 - George Danquah - Just A Moment
708 - Mulatu Astatque - Netsanet
709 - Gaspar Lawal - Kita Kita
710 - Moussa Doumbia - Keleya
711 - Fred Fisher - Asa-Sa
712 - Konono No. 1 - Paradiso
713 - Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70 - Water No Get Enemy

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Africa 100 (Afrobeat Box) #2

Pt.4, 97mb on sharebee
309 - Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70 - Gentleman
312 - Shina Williams & His African Percussionists - Agboju Logun (12'' Mix)
401 - Bob Pinado & His Sound Casters - Me, You, One (Means I Love You)
402 - Koola Lobitos - Highlife Time
403 - 3Rd Generation Band - Because Of Money
404 - Mercury Dance Band - Envy No Good
405 - Mahmoud Ahmed - Mar Teb Yelal Kafesh
406 - E.T. Mensah & His Tempos Band - 205
407 - Bembeya Jazz National - N'garokomo
408 - Tamrat Ferendji & Sensation Band - Antchin Yagegnulet
409 - Matata - Wanna Do My Thing

Pt.5, 97mb on sharebee
410 - Lekan Animashaun - Serere
411 - Dick Khoza - Chapita
412 - Tesfa Maryam Kidane - Yetesfa Tezeta
413 - Mulatu Astatque - Kasalefkut Hulu
414 - Kokolo - Mister Sinister
415 - Tlahoun Gessessee - Aykedashem Lebe
501 - Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa
502 - Ebo Taylor - Heaven
503 - Hugh Masakela & The Union Of South Africa - Dyambo
504 - Sweet Talks - Kye Kye Pe Aware
505 - Rob - Make It Fast, Make It Slow
506 - William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind

Pt.6, 98mb on sharebee
507 - Bahta Gebre Heywet - Tessassategn Eko
508 - Ayalew Mesfin & Black Lion Band - Gud Aderegetchegn
509 - Sahara All Stars Band Jos - Enjoy Yourself
510 - Christy Azuma & Uppers International - Naam
511 - Mahmoud Ahmed - Kulun Mankwalesh
512 - Alemayehu Eshete - Eskegizew Bertchi
513 - Salif Keita - Mandjou
514 - Assagai - Cocoa
601 - Lourdes Van Dunem - Ngongo Ya Biluka
602 - Guerilla - La Popo
603 - Peter King - Mystery Tour
604 - Samuel Belay - Aynotchesh Yerefu
605 - Ebo Taylor - Atwer Abroba

Africa 100 (Afrobeat Box) #1

A couple of years ago, Pitchfork ran a massive feature on Afrobeat called The Indestructible Beat by Joe Tangari. It had an overview of the style and a track-by-track annotation of 100 best afrobeat songs as picked by the author. You are probably thinking: reading about it is nice, but having the music itself to go along with the article would be much better... In the spirit of a true music fan, the author, Joe Tangari - memorize that name so you know who to thank - hand-picked, ripped and compiled all cuts mentioned in the article into a 7CD megabox of ass-kicking afrofunk, which is available as a torrent (for instance, from here), and which I will also put up on Sharebee for your enjoyment.
All tracks are 192kbps. Each archive is separate; I had to keep them under 100mb, so some tracks are out of order. The original article is included.

Africa 100 (Afrobeat Box)
Pt.1, 99mb on sharebee
101 - Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70 - Zombie
102 - Girma Beyene - Set Alamenem
103 - Marijata - Mother Africa
104 - Segun Bucknor & His Revolution - La La La
105 - Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band - Bukom Mashie
106 - Geraldo Pine - Heavy Heavy Heavy
107 - Super Eagles - Love's A Real Thing
108 - Orlando Julius & His Modern Aces - Ijo Soul
109 - Matata - Talkin' Talkin'
110 - Ayalew Mesfin - Hasabe
111 - Super Mambo 69 - Sweeper Soul
112 - Babatunde Olatunji - Jin-Go-Lo-Ba
113 - Dick Khoza - African Jive
114 - Orchestra Baobab - Mouhamadou Bamba

Pt.2, 99mb on sharebee
115 - Os Bongos - Kazukata
116 - Getatchew Mekurya - Yegenet Muziqa
201 - Brigth Engelberts & The B.E. Movement - Get Together
202 - Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra - Big Man
203 - Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band - Olufeme
204 - Thony Shorby Nyenwi - No Wrong Show
205 - Ogyatanaa Show Band - Disco Africa
206 - Wallias Band - Muziqawi Silt
207 - Lemma Demissew - Astawesalehu
208 - Apagya Show Band - Kwaku Ananse
209 - Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70 - Roforofo Fight
210 - Monomono - Tire Loma Da Nigbehin
211 - Ofo The Black Company - Allah Wakbarr
213 - Lijadu Sisters - Orere Eljigbo

Pt.3, 94mb on sharebee
212 - Joe Mensah - Africa Is Home
214 - Bembeya Jazz National - Petit Sekou
301 - Gyedu Blay-Ambolley & The Steneboofs - Simigwado
302 - Jingo - Fever
303 - Joni Haastrup - Greetings
304 - Honny & The Bees Band - Psychedelic Woman
305 - Yahoos - Mabala
306 - Blo - Blo
307 - Tlahoun Gessesse - Alegntaye
308 - K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas - Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena
310 - Manu Dibango - African Battle
311 - Alemayehu Eshete - Addis Ababa Bete

UPDATE: a visitor pointed out that track 214 (Petit Sekou) in the third archive is corrupted. You need to download it separately here:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

African Jazz 'N' Jive: An Authentic Selection Of South African Township Swing Classics From The '50s & '60s

African Jazz 'N' Jive: An Authentic Selection Of South African Township Swing Classics From The '50s & '60s
VBR, 67mb on sharebee
1. N. D. Hotshots - U.S.A. Special
2. Ntemie's Alexandra All Star Band - Daddy Wami
3. Skylarks - Holilili
4. Orlando Six - Beer Club
5. Elite Swingers - Dinokza
6. Spokes Mashiyane - Banana Ba Rustenburg
7. King Jury And His Band - Emsengeni
8. The Four Yanks - Ubuhlungu
9. Kippie Moeketsi & The marabi Kings - Clarinet Kwela
10. Jazz Dazzlers - De Makeba
11. Solven Whistlers - Something New In Africa
12. Father Huddleston Band - Ndenzeni Na?
13. Nancy Jacobs & Her Sisters - Baby Are Yeng
14. Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds - Mtube
15. Royal Players - Omnyakane
16. Dolly Rathebe - Tihapi Ke Noga
17. Orlando 7 - Loafes Corner
18. Manhattan Brothers - Vuka Vuka
19. Dorothy Masuka - Ngi Hamba Ngedwa
20. Reggie Msomi's Hollywood Jazz Band - Midnight Ska
21. Snqamu Jazz Band - Walk To Bube
22. Lemmy "Special" Mabase - Kwela Blues
23. Havana Swingsters - Emaxanbeni
24. The King Kong - Kwela Kong

Friday, January 25, 2008

Achilifunk - Gypsy Soul 1969-1979

Hugely entertaining, fun compilation by Barcelona DJ Txarly Brown of rumba-based Spanish pop music from the 1970s, which shows that interesting fusions between anglo-American and Spanish music were already well under way in the last years of the dictatorship and certainly before the 'nuevo flamenco' movement. Most of these tracks were unfamiliar to me, and listening to them for the first time was quite bizarre: all the familiar aspects of anglo-american 70s rock and pop are here - psychedelic, disco, soul and funk - but the rumba, flamenco and latin elements always prevail.
A few of the selections are predictable. The ever-reliable Peret is here on three tracks, and there's also a very good song from Los Amaya. But the highlights for me are the contributions from two female singers, Encarnita Polo (with my favourite track here, the bizarre 'Paco, Paco, Paco') and Dolores Vargas. Dolores was nicknamed 'la terremoto', the earthquake, and from her singing on these tracks you can tell why.
This track, El Garrotín (Youtube) by 70s Sevilla hippies Smash is typical of the eclecticism of the whole CD (dopey English psychedelic vocals clashing with a classic rumba refrain, in the same song). @

Achilifunk - Gypsy Soul 1969-1979
High VBR, 105mb on megaupload or sendspace
1. Los Fulanos (Feat. Peret) - Gato
2. Encarnita Polo - Paco, Paco, Paco
3. Chacho - Bum Bum
4. Smash - El Garrotín
5. Los Amaya - Que Mala Suerte La Mía
6. Dolores Vargas - Anana Hip
7. Peret - Si Fulano
8. Dolores Vargas - La Hawaiana
9. Peret - Chaví
10. Rabbit Rumba - Caramelos
11. Rumba Tres - Rumba Tru, La, La
12. Los Chorbos - Sones De Chicharro
13. Los Marismeños - Pares O Nones
14. Los Chunguitos - Baila Mi Ritmo
15. Trigal - Gol
16. Gato Pérez - Tiene Sabor
17. Mantecao Y Su Combo - Achili Funk

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yalla - Hitlist Egypt

On a tip from the great Schadenfreudian Therapy blog.
Amazon: For this album, released in 1990 and still the best compilation of modern Egyptian music around, David Lodge divvied Egyptian pop into working-class shaabi music and the upscale, educated, urban al-jil ("generation") sound, and devotes six rambunctiously appealing tracks to each. In al-jil the ongoing struggle between Islamic conservatism and a secular society tempted by Western ways is acted out in jumpy synthesizer rhythms and cautious, carefully monitored lyrics sung by some of the world's most sensuous singers. So-called shaabi music, on the other hand, is a funkier, rootsier reaction by Arab "country" singers to the wayward politics and pitfalls of urban life. The instruments are acoustic and traditional, the lyrics often socially conscious, and the emotions fervent. Relatively untouched by the West, Egyptian music provides a unique sonic entryway into a truly different cultural universe.

Yalla - Hitlist Egypt
High VBR, 128mb on megaupload or sendspace
1. Amr Diab - Ei Yaani
2. Hanan - Besma
3. Ehab - Masakeen
4. Mohamed Moneer - Sif Safaa
5. Khedr - Balsam Shafee
6. Adel El Musree - Ya Ramal
7. Sami Ali & Sahar Hamdy - Elli Shatr Enhaa Tgannen
8. Hassan El Asmar - Kitab Hayarti
9. Magdy Shabeeni - Ya Dunnya Ley
10. Magdy Talaat - Yalle Khadak Habibi
11. Shaaban Abdel Raheem - Akhar Saah
12. Hassan El Asmar - Mish Haseebak

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soul Stirrers

AMG review: If you want to hear what I humbly submit as one of the most impassioned gospel performances ever recorded, just throw this disc in the player, and brace yourself. Rebert Harris was undoubtedly one of the great voices and stylists of the genre, and his performances on this disc go a long way to justifying the claim that he was the greatest of them all. Every track on here is a gem of beauty, tone and commitment. But the kickoff track on this compilation, an alternate take of their two-part single, "By and By," is absolutely devastating in its use of shading, dynamics, and unrelenting fervor in getting its message across. The Soul Stirrers lock the groove down mightily, chiming up on those low seventh chords like twelve feet of concrete. Harris, as the old saying goes, sings his rear end off on this one, and, as transcendent moments go, this one is in a class all by itself. If the issued versions included here are slightly less subdued and don't quite hit as high a quotient on the fervor meter, so what? — we should be grateful enough that this performance has survived. If impassioned gospel is your thing, boy, are you gonna love this.

Soul Stirrers - Shine On Me
128kbps, 68mb on sharebee
1. By And By
2. I'm Still Living On Mother's Prayer
3. Fell Like My Time Ain't Long
4. Today
5. I Have A Right To The Tree Of Life
6. In That Awful Hour
7. Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb
8. Shine On Me
9. Faith And Grace
10. Everybody Ought To Love Their Soul
11. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
12. I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord
13. My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me
14. How Long
15. Who'll Be The One (There's A Vacant Room In Glory)
16. The Lord Is My Shepherd
17. Christ Is All (The World To Me)
18. By And By Part I
19. By And By Part II
20. By And By Part II (Version 2)
21. I'm Still Living On Mother's Prayer (Version 2)
22. Feel Like My Time Ain't Long (Version 2)
23. I Have A Right To The Tree Of Life (Version 2)
24. In That Awful Hour (Version 2)
25. Faith And Grace (Version 2)
26. My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me (Version 2)

Amazon: While Sam Cooke certainly made beautiful music in the pop realm, his greatest sides were those made with the Soul Stirrers. When Cooke joined the group in 1950 at the age of 19, he'd already spent 4 years singing with the Highway Q.C.'s. The Soul Stirrers lead singer, R.H. Harris, who quit just before Cooke's arrival, had spent almost 25 years molding the group into gospel stardom through an innovative use of two lead singers matched with utmost energy and sophistication. Cooke initially sang in a style similar to Harris's, but soon took off into his own unearthly realm, writing spine-tingling songs like "Nearer to Thee," "Mean Old World," and the brilliant "Touch the Hem of His Garment," then singing them in his soaring, inimitable style with perfect control of phrasing and enunciation. This is an awesome collection, a record to listen to many, many times--to grow old with. Save it for those days when you need absolute proof that true grace does exist.

Sam Cooke - Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers
128kbps, 62mb on sharebee
1. Peace in the Valley
2. It Won't be Very Long
3. How Far am I From Cannan?
4. Just Another Day
5. Come and go to That Land
6. Any Day Now
7. He'll Make a Way
8. Nearer to Thee
9. Be With Me Jesus
10. One More River
11. I'm so Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always)
12. Wonderful
13. Farther Along
14. Touch the Hem of His Garment
15. Jesus, Wash Away My Troubles
16. Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone?
17. That's Heaven to Me
18. Were You There?
19. Mean Old World
20. Lord Remember Me
21. Lovable
22. Forever
23. I'll Come Running Back to You
24. That's All I Need to Know
25. I Don't Want to Cry

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Go Girl! Soul Sisters Tellin' It Like It Is

AMG review

Go Girl! Soul Sisters Tellin' It Like It Is
320kbps in two parts on rapidshare:
Part One (53.5 MB) and Part Two (56.3 MB) LINKS DEAD
01 I'm Gonna Make It - Janice Tyrone
02 Respect - Aretha Franklin
03 You Did Me Wrong (You Used Me For A Good Thing) - Priscilla Price
04 I'll Get Along - Ann Peebles
05 Your Good Thing (Is About To End) - Mable John
06 Dirty Man - Laura Lee
07 Seven Days - Apollas
08 You're The Dog - Irma Thomas
09 Wedlock Is A Padlock - Laura Lee
10 Soul Girl - Jeanne & The Darlings
11 Women's Love Rights - Laura Lee
12 The Day I Found Myself - The Honey Cone
13 Your Turn To Cry - Betty Lavette
14 Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do - Betty Wright
15 Think (About It) - Lyn Collins
16 Where Would You Be Today - Ilana
17 Needle In A Haystack - Velvelettes
18 Do Right Woman Do Right Man - Aretha Franklin

Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie + Swinging On The Strings

An easy way to describe this would be to string a bunch of labels together - instrumental-country-jazz-rockabilly-blues-bop-blah-blah... The uniqueness of these recordings is that they exist outside of the style divisions. In fact, this music was created before the modern styles drifted apart; and by people who simply did not know that country cannot be jazz because "that's not done". Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant were two white hillbilly kids, and so they grew up with the sounds of bluegrass and country-and-western; they also were very talented, curious musicians, and their ears were open to the cutting edge of instrumental music in America, and in the late 40s - early 50s it was bebop. Finally, both played new, recently invented, futuristic instruments: Speedy West was a steel guitar player, and Jimmy Bryant was one of the first solidbody guitarists in the world, and the first one to get Fender Telecaster when it went into production. There is no self-conscious "breaking the rules" kind of feeling, as there were no rules. They were unconstrained by the tradition because there was none: they simply had to invent everything themselves from the ground up. Nothing like this have ever been recorded before, and soon after they walked out of the studio for the last time, the gates between different styles shut down for keeps.
The "starting-from-a-clean-slate" approach sometimes produces interesting results even in the hands of people completely devoid of talent - just look at the Shaggs or the Stooges - but West and Bryant were accomplished studio musicians, true musical geniuses, and these two collections might be some of the most far-out, unique stuff you might hear.

AMG says: Fans of country and jazz guitar will discover two new idols after delving into this 16-track collection [Stratosphere Boogie], which features the best of the genre-shattering sessions recorded by this legendary duo. Between Bryant's jazzy, lightning-fast leads and West's brash, groundbreaking pedal steel work, the two recorded some of the most astounding instrumental country music of all time. Whether it's the hilarious "Sleepwalker's Lullaby" or top-fuel classics like "Old Joe Clark" and "Arkansas Traveler," the pair's 1950s records were among the most experimental music being made anywhere in America. It doesn't hurt to add that they were extremely influential, and one spends nearly as much time laughing along with these songs as they do trying to figure out how the hell anyone ever got this good.

Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie
256kbps, 67mb on depositfiles
1. Stratosphere Boogie
2. Blue Bonnet Rag
3. Cotton Pickin'
4. Old Joe Clark
5. Sleepwalker's Lullaby
6. Arkansas Traveler
7. The Night Rider
8. Low Man On A Totem Pole
9. Speedin' West
10. Comin' On
11. Bryant's Bounce
12. Midnight Ramble
13. Pickin' Peppers
14. Shuffleboard Rag
15. Bustin' Thru
16. Flippin' The Lid

Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant - Swinging On The Strings
256kbps, 94mb on depositfiles
1. Frettin' Fingers
2. Lover
3. Two Of A Kind
4. Yodeling Guitar
5. West Of Samoa
6. Opus 1
7. Truck Driver's Ride
8. T-Bone Rag
9. Skiddle-Dee-Boo
10. China Boy
11. Railroadin'
12. Jammin' With Jimmy
13. Deep Water
14. This Ain't The Blues
15. The Rollin' Sky
16. Whistle Stop
17. Hillcrest (Opus 3)
18. Pushin' The Blues
19. Swingin' On The Strings
20. Caffeine Patrol

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Silver Apples - Silver Apples + Contact

AMG says: Decades after their brief yet influential career first ground to a sudden and mysterious halt, the Silver Apples remain one of pop music's true enigmas: a surreal, almost unprecedented duo, their music explored interstellar drones and hums, pulsing rhythms and electronically-generated melodies years before similar ideas were adopted in the work of acolytes ranging from Suicide to Spacemen 3 to Laika. The Silver Apples formed in New York in 1967 and comprised percussionist Danny Taylor and lead vocalist Simeon, a bizarre figure who played an instrument also dubbed the Simeon, which (according to notes on the duo's self-titled 1968 debut LP) consisted of "nine audio oscillators and eighty-six manual manual controls...The lead and rhythm oscillators are played with the hands, elbows and knees and the bass oscillators are played with the feet." Although the utterly uncommercial record — an ingenious cacophony of beeps, buzzes and beats — sold poorly, the Silver Apples resurfaced a year later with their sophomore effort, Contact, another far-flung outing which fared no better than its predecessor. After the record's release, the duo seemingly vanished into thin air, perhaps returning to the alien world from whence they purportedly came.

Silver Apples - Silver Apples
AMG review
256kbps, 60mb on sharebee
1. Oscillations
2. Seagreen Serenades
3. Lovefingers
4. Program
5. Velvet Cave
6. Whirly-Bird
7. Dust
8. Dancing Gods
9. Misty Mountain

Silver Apples - Contact
AMG review
256kbps, 75mb on sharebee LINK REMOVED
1. You And I
2. Water
3. Ruby
4. Gypsy Love
5. You're Not Foolin' Me
6. I Have Known Love
7. A Pox On You
8. Confusion
9. Fantasies

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oskar Sala - My Fascinating Instrument

In 1930, Dr. Friedrich Trautwein invented the Trautonium, the only instrument in the world capable of producing subharmonics, which are the mirror opposite of harmonics, or 'ghost' note like playing a string on a violin only half held down. Oscar Sala, a young student of Trautwein's, pioneered the development of the instrument and made the Mixtur-Trautonium, an improved polyphonic instrument which was used in the soundtrack of Alfred Hitchcock's film The Birds, as the instrument sounded more ominous than the sound of real birds. The Trautonium has advantages over a synthesizer giving freedom of intonation like a fretless string instrument to play microtones and continuous, unrestricted variations of pitch, tone and volume. The player makes contact with a wire stretched over a metal strip to create a circuit. It was a forerunner to the modular synthesizers of the 1960s. Nearly all knowledge of the performance and workings of the Trautonium has died with Oscar Sala in 2002, but the album My Fascinating Instrument, which is available today, is testament to Sala's musical genius. @

A lengthy article on the composer and the instrument, and a shorter one; по русски.

Oskar Sala - My Fascinating Instrument
REUP:320kbps, 143mb on mediafire
1. Fantasy In Three Parts For Mixturtrautonium Solo
- Demonstration
- Skala Nuova
- Farbmelodie
2. "Speech Of The Dead Christ From The Universe Saying There Is No God"
3. Largo
4. Fanfare
5. Impression Electronique
6. Electronic Dance Suite For Mixturtrautonium Solo And Mixturorchestra (Tape) in five parts
- Concertando rubato
- Espressivo
- Giocoso
- Strepitoso
- Furioso

Burunduk Quartet - Stuffed Horse

Most excellent Russan lounge electronica. Highly recommended! One of the rare albums I don't get tired of; I first heard it eight years ago and I still keep it in my player. If you liked Jaga Jazzist, try this one out.

Burunduk Quartet - Stuffed Horse
67 mb on zippyshare or uloz.to
1. Coffee Seller
2. Liliana Plachet (Liliana is crying)
3. Barmenov Nikogda Ne Ubivaut (The bartender never gets killed)
4. Sleeping Plane
5. Gaucho Bojatsja Goroda (Gaucho are afraid of the city)
6. Mamilor Podisir
7. Pierre I Richard
8. Bizon Bizon
9. Bootscream
10. Persi Hit
11. Lorry
12. Pin-Up Resus
13. Farshirovannaja Loshad (Stuffed horse)
14. Boby

Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
REUP: 320kbps, 99mb on megaupload
1. Astronomy Domine
2. Lucifer Sam
3. Matilda Mother
4. Flaming
5. Pow R. Toc H.
6. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
7. Interstellar Overdrive
8. The Gnome
9. Chapter 24
10. Scarecrow
11. Bike

Jony Iliev and Band - Ma Maren Ma

Some Middle Eastern and flamenco strains are evident in the Balkan grooves laid down by the band (aptly described as "diabolically swinging" on the back cover), who stretch out on a few instrumentals that provide cool contrast to Iliev's vocal workouts. Ma Maren Ma is a deep, subtly effective album of modern Gypsy music, highly recommended for fans of the genre and the curious. @

Jony Iliev and Band - Ma Maren Ma
128kbps, 45mb on sharebee
1. Arizona
2. Godzila Intro
3. Godzila
4. 17:50
5. Ma Maren Ma
6. Nasfalilo
7. Gypsy's Kolo
8. Ma Rov
9. Nadire
10. Gaida Cocek
11. Mig, Mig
12. Ma Devla
13. Ma Maren Ma [Instrumental]