Friday, September 12, 2008

Golden Age Gospel Choirs (1954-1963)

Golden Age Gospel Choirs (1954-1963)
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1. The Back Home Choir - He's So Mighty
2. The Back Home Choir - I Trust Him
3. The Back Home Choir - Ride On King Jesus
4. The Back Home Choir - Without God I Can Do Nothing
5. The Back Home Choir - He Knows How Much We Can Bear
6. The Back Home Choir - Climbing High Mountains
7. The Back Home Choir - Come Out The Wilderness
8. The Back Home Choir - Yes I Found Him
9. The Back Home Choir - Jesus
10. The Back Home Choir - Jordan River
11. The Pentecostal Choir Of Detroit - Prayer Wheel Turning Over
12. The Pentecostal Choir Of Detroit - How Glad Am I
13. The Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Sit Down Children
14. The Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Working On The Building
15. The Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Run And Help Us Tell
16. Voices Of Victory - Invocation (The Lord's Prayer)
17. Voices Of Victory - I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
18. Voices Of Victory - The Angels Keep Watching
19. Voices Of Victory - Great Change In Me
20. Voices Of Victory - Lord, Lord, Lord
21. Voices Of Victory - I Am Somebody
22. Voices Of Victory - Blessed Assurance
23. Voices Of Victory - Benediction (The Lord's Prayer)


  1. you have a really sweet ipod! the golden age gospel posts are FANTASTIC!! what's even better, the rapidshare links are still good as of 6-14-10!

  2. Link is dead,could you repost.
    Many Thanks.