Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chet Baker

Here are some 50's Chet Baker links for the Anonymous.

Chet Baker with Russ Freeman - Complete Pacific Jazz Live Recordings (1953)
Grey December (1953)
Young Chet (1954-1956)
In Paris Vol.1-4 (1955-1956)
Chet Baker And Crew (1956)
Chet Baker & Art Pepper - Picture of Heath [Playboys] (1956)
Embraceable You (1957)
Stan Meets Chet (1958)
Live in New York (1958)
Chet (1959)
Deep In A Dream - The Ultimate Chet Baker Collection (this one picks from his 1952-1965 recordings)

One LP I would personally recommend would be Chet Baker In Milan, 1959 - obscure italian sidemen, but the music is great. AMG review

VBR, 60mb on mediafire
1. Lady Bird
2. Cheryl Blues
3. Tune Up
4. Line For Lyons
5. Pent Up House
6. Look For The Silver Lining
7. Indian Summer
8. My Old Flame

Updated links:
Complete Chet Baker and Miles Davis with the Lighthouse All-Stars, 1953
Chet Baker - Ensemble, 1953


  1. Thanks for these links, and a great big thanks for the Italian album!!!

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  3. Thank you very much for this Chet Baker =)
    Here is something for you, if you want:

  4. Chet fue un musico impresionante y genial. No habrĂ¡ otro como el. Un sentido de la delicadeza total, un sonido exquisito y un sentido melodico y armonico originalisimo.

  5. I HAVE DOZENS OF CHET CDS, BUT wanted this one because I bought a T-shirt with this album on it. Be damned if I could find it until now. THANKS!


  6. the "obscure italian sidemen" on this album are led by the great Piero Umiliani. Look him up, one of my favourite composers of all time

  7. Thank you for the comment. I actually know the name of Piero Umiliani and have heard some of his work. I did not realize that he was playing on this; if that is true, that's really cool. I don't know if you are correct about it, though, AMG does not list him as one of the players. Did he do the arrangements, maybe?