Thursday, June 25, 2009

JDT + Bud Melvin

WFMU is linking here, which is the music blog's equivalent of Time cover. I think I should put the exposure to good use by passing it on to the more deserving folks.

One of the greatest pleasures of running a music blog is meeting interesting people, albeit only virtually. Among the people who left a comment here are The Hound, Monty Stark of Stark Reality, DJ Kalil, Mikey IQ of Brown Wing Overdrive and really many more than I can think of right now. So I will use the opportunity to highlight the projects of two of my readers.

Justin David Thomas - Music From My Bedroom
Listen or download
Pop-musique concrete: JDT creates minimalistic, melodic instrumental music from everyday noises, along with more conventional instrumentation of basses, keyboards in various states of disrepair, guitars etc.etc. Some of the track titles are directly descriptive: Music For Record Player and Found Objects, Music for Piano and Bathtub. The workings of a singular musical mind are showing through the rough seams on these tunes. Recommended!

Bud Melvin - Popular Music
Listen or download
They say politics makes strange bedfellows, but nothing is more improbable than two fellows found in this bed. The albuquerquean Bud Melvin is combining 8bit/chiptune music with bluegrass on his latest release Popular Music. His banjo and steel playing blends surprizingly well with his programming into a single choppy, flickering, pulsing fountain of sound, reminding us that everything new is old again... and new again... and old again...

While you're at it, check out The GREEN ALbum, too.


  1. Good Music my friend...I like that

  2. great blog, very well done, explored a lot of fantastic stuff thru your blog.

    are you interested in link exchange? have a look at my blog and leave me a note if you are interested, I do a wide range from jazz over reggae to hip hop and indie, anything goes, just has to be good music :-)

  3. just popped in to say congrats! excellent music!

  4. real dope stuff man....wud have never noticed it if you hadn't blog'd it.

    there's another ranglin album I got hold of.....chilled stuff this time.

  5. Oh hey! That's my album--wow! I am very honored to have one of my albums featured on your blog =) It's like "I've made it" or something =) Thank you, I am very honored =)

    (Also: I really dig the description! I am terrible at trying to describe my music. You've done such a better job than I've ever attempted.)

    --JDT =)