Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinah Washington Sings Bessie Smith (1958)

Great album. The first two songs are killer, better than the original Bessie Smith versions, IMHO. The band mostly stays in background, which is a pity. I wish they would step out a bit more - especially on something like "Trombone Blues".

Dinah Washington Sings Bessie Smith (1958)
VBR, 93mb on depositfiles
1. After You've Gone
2. Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair
3. Jailhouse Blues
4. Trombone Blues (AKA Trombone Cholly)
5. You've Been A Good Ole Wagon
6. Careless Love
7. Backwater Blues
8. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
9. Me And My Gin
10. Fine Fat Daddy
11. Trombone Butter (Alt Take)
12. Careless Love (Mono)
13. Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair (Live)
14. Me And My Gin (Live)
15. Backwater Blues (Live)


  1. Thanks for the Dinaah ... Baron

  2. Dinah was known as Bessie Smith of her time and this album clearly illustrates why - she had spectacular voice and personality to go with it.
    If you like this,you might check out similar Bessie Smith tribute album recorded around the same time by LaVern Baker,another early r&b singer.

  3. I love Dinah Washington and I love this album. Have you listened to Dinah jams?
    It's amazing!

    Btw i like your blog (i'm also writing one, you should check it out) and i hope i'll see more of it.