Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art Ensemble Of Chicago with Brigitte Fontaine - Comme à la Radio

Avant-chanteuse collaborates with a famous free-jazz group on a set of pop songs from another planet. Very unusual listen.

Art Ensemble Of Chicago with Brigitte Fontaine - Comme à la Radio
REUP: 70 mb on depositfiles
1. Comme à la radio
2. Tanka 2
3. Le brouillard
4. J'ai 26 ans
5. L'été l'été
6. Encore
7. Leo
8. Les petits chevaux
9. Tanka 1
10. Lettre à Monsieur le chef de gare de La Tour De Carol
11. Le Goudron
12. Le Noir C'est Mieux Choi

I'll toss in two more avant-vocal albums:
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Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake - The Newest Sound Around (1961), 91mb on 4shared
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Patty Waters - College Tour (1966), 71 mb on depositfiles
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  1. thanks, was always curious about this album after hearing the AEOC's work with the fantastic Fontella Bass! :-)

  2. I didn' know they had worked together. Not so surprising L.Bowie's AEOC and B.Fontaine had both a "theatrical" approach of music. It was in the 60'.
    I guess things have changed!!!

  3. wow- this is great- something different. Thanks!

  4. Thanks a lot. I think that with Fontanella is better.

    Only the track 1,2,3, 5 and 7 are with AEC.
    Thanks again.


  5. somebody wants this masterpiece at 320 kbps?

    here you go:

    1. yes please, but this link is not working