Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Orera (Орэра) - The Golden Songs

One of the most interesting pop groups from the former Soviet Union, Orera may be loosely described as Georgian Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross. The group, which included several male voices and sometimes a female one, grew out of the Georgian musical tradition of polyphonic choirs. Orera freely fused many styles - choral pop, jazz, georgian and russian folk - into their own signature sound. Orera also served as a springboard for the solo career of two major pop stars of the Soviet era: singer Nani Bregvadze (the female voice of the group; they did not seek a replacement when she left), and a crooner and actor Vakhtang Kikabidze.
The disc I am offering you today is "The Golden Songs - fan edition." The original album was rather sloppily compiled, so I changed the sequencing a bit and substituted one really good song that was missing for a couple that I thought did not deserve inclusion. I am sure the album got much better. Enjoy!

Orera - The Golden Songs
64 mb on megaupload
1. Pesnya Moya Radost' (The Song Is My Joy)
2. Strana Cvetov (The Country of Flowers)
3. Lalebi
4. Vasil'ki (Cornflowers)
5. Krimanchuli
6. Ty Mne Verish Ili Net (Do You Trust Me or Don't You?)
7. Pirosmani
8. Topolya (The Poplars)
9. U Devushek Nashix (Our Girls)
10. Staryi Motiv (That Old Tune)
11. Tbilisskaya Serenada (Tbilisi Serenade)
12. Hevsurskaya Lyubovnaya (Hevsur Love Song)
13. Gusi-Lebedi Letyat (Flying Geese)
14. Kto Uslyshit Moyu Pesnyu (Who Will Hear My Song?)
15. Pesnya O Tbilisi (A Song of Tbilisi)


  1. hey - fantastic blog! love the diversity.
    thanks for the ultralounge series... found it buried... this russian one piqued my curiousity - I have a book of photo portraits taken in a russian shopping mall - the hairstyles and attitudes make them look very much like americans...

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    This one is very good pop music, I hope you'll like it. It is from the time when the russians looked different from americans :) from my parents' youth.

  3. I just found it and was really excited to download the songs, but something is not working right. any ideas? I'd love to get a copy of these songs.

  4. Actually, sorry about that, I got it to work after all. At least the megaupload.

  5. Thank you. So. Much.

    I'd been searching for Krimanchuli for some time now, but only found Orera albums with their less interesting material.

  6. The Krimanchuli YouTube vid seems to have turned a lot of people onto this rather cool band.

  7. The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.

  8. Skupina je z Gruzie,dobra skupina,v Belorusku maji Pesniary,v Rusku ArieL...