Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gente de Choro + Choro é Isto

My policy of downloading and listening to random stuff paid off once again. I recently dicovered choro - a delicate, sublime style of instrumental music that is sometimes called Brazilian Dixieland. It was popular in the late XIXth - early-to-mid XXth century, and later developed into samba and other modern brazilian styles. It also had a resurgence in popularity since 70s. Choro is played by a small combo with saxophone and/or flute, guitar, cavaquinho (small ukulele-like instrument), bandolim (Brazilian mandolin), and percussion.
Two excellent articles on choro could be found at Marilynn Mair's website: History of Choro and What is Choro?

Gente do Choro
192kbps, 50mb on zshare or rapidshare
1. Waldir Azevedo - Brasileirinho
2. Paulinho da Viola - Cinco Companheiros
3. Deo Rian - Mistura e Manda
4. Abel Ferreira - Saxofone Porque Choras
5. Paulinho da Viola - Segura Ele
6. Abel Ferreira - Doce Mentira
7. Os Choroes - Pe na Tabua
8. Deo Rian - Noites Cariocas
9. Waldir Azevedo - Chorinho Antigo
10. Abel Ferreira - Chorando Baixinho
11. Paulinho da Viola - Beliscando
12. Waldir Azevedo - Atrevido
13. Waldir Azevedo - Lamento
14. Os Choroes - Bentevi Atrevido

Choro é Isto
REUP: 24 mb at sharebee.
96kbps (yes I know, but the music is worth it)
01. Carinhoso - Manezinho da Flauta
02. Sai da Frente - Abel Ferreira
03. Na Glória - Raul de Barros
04. Apanhei-te Cavaquinho - Arthur Moreira Lima
05. Diplomata/Altamiro Carrilho - Carlos Poyares
06. Meu Sabiá - Carlos Poyares
07. Ingênuo - Evandro do Bandolim e Seu Regional
08. André de Sapato Novo - Abel Ferreira / Raul de Barros
09. Picadinho à Baiana - Luperce Miranda
10. Sempre - Quinteto Villa-Lobos
11. Tua Imagem - Canhoto da Paraíba
12. Brejeiro - Evandro do Bandolim e Seu Regional


  1. Both discs are fine compilations - you might want to check ("Music and Folklore" section of site)for more info. and recs.

    There's a Brazilian label dedicated solely to choro, Acari (; and both Biscoito Fino and Kuarup Discos have some terrific choro releases. Here in the US, try GSP records, also some of the Brazilian issues on Milestone (used to be part of Fantasy Jazz, is now owned by Concord Jazz).

    And you can find some choro on my blog, too...


  2. Hello Spinning!
    Thanks for your comments. I will link to you. A lot of info to keep me busy :)

    I am also currently perusing the following blogs:
    and Loronix :)

  3. this is a gem - thanks for showing me this genre!