Thursday, December 20, 2007

Los Zafiros - Bossa Cubana

World Circuit's newest release is a look back to the 1960s, into the world of Cuban pop doo-wop - the music of Los Zafiros ("the sapphires"), on Bossa Cubana. A vocal quartet formed in Havana in 1962 by two singers ("Kike" Morúa and "Miguelito" Cancio), Los Zafiros combined the sweet harmonies popularized by American doo-wop groups like The Platters and The Ink Spots, and the unique arrangements used by The Flamingos and others with the craze for rhythms of South American origins, including the bossa nova and the calypso. With two other singers - Eduardo Elio "El Chino" Hernandéz and Ignacio Elejalde, the latter's high, silky-smooth ultra-tenor voice dominating the ballads - and a guitarist, Manuel Galbán, Los Zafiros produced a string of pop hits in Cuba. These alternated between doo-wop infused with rhythmic and harmonic complexities and with slow love songs featuring Elejalde's vocal cord-defying range. Fusing a variety of musical ideas, Bossa Cubana surprises the listener: be ready for a unique experience. @
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Y Sabes Bien on Youtube

Los Zafiros - Bossa Cubana
REUP 2/8/2014: 224kbps, 76 mb on 4shared
1. Bossa Cubana
2. La Luna en Tu Mirada
3. Mirame Fijo
4. Dichoso Mar
5. Por No Comprenderte
6. Y Sabes Bien
7. Cancion de Orfeo
8. Mi Amor, Perdoname
9. Cuando Yo la Conoci
10. La Caminadora
11. He Venido
12. Puchunguita Ven
13. Herido de Sombras
14. Si Corazón
15. Mi Corazon
16. Un Nombre de Mujer
17. Canta la Sentimental


  1. Wow, thank you for your post. I've been looking for international doo-wop groups for quite a while now. This is great!

  2. Thank you for posting the link to the Zafiros' album on my blog. It made my day. Have a nice New Year's eve!

  3. thank you for this.

  4. Hello! It seems that the link is down! Please re-upload tis album, I need it! hahahaha :) thanks!