Saturday, June 14, 2008

Buddy Emmons & Lenny Breau - Minors Aloud

Another Breau collaboration.
Lenny Breau was a jazz player influenced by country music; after all, he was Chet Atkins' protege. Buddy Emmons plays the most country of all instruments - steel guitar. One would expect this session to be a country-jazz hybrid (perhaps something along the lines of jazzy Atkins albums or Jimmy Bryant). In fact, there is not much country about this disc. Some of it is straight-ahead jazz (the covers of Killer Joe and Scrapple From The Apple); Compared To What is a bar-band rocker with jazz-rock breaks, Buddy's vocals only enhance the pub atmosphere; and the originals - Minors Aloud and On A Bach Bouree - are sublime instrumentals of no particular genre affiliation. An interesting album all around.

Buddy Emmons & Lenny Breau - Minors Aloud
REUP: 320kbps, 83mb on mediafire
1. Minors Aloud
2. Compared To What
3. Killer Joe
4. Long Way To Go
5. Secret Love
6. Scrapple From The Apple
7. On A Bach Bourée

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  1. this album is really amazing...

    thanks a lot, really good blog!

  2. you are a hero for posting lenny. the man is gonna break everyones heart and mind.

  3. looking forward to listening to this one. thanks for the nod. great blog you have going here.

  4. I've been wearing the vinyl out of this record since I discovered it in 2000. A gem, its one of my favorite albums of all time. Now, i'll check out your other posts!

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