Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear all,
I've been out of circulation for some time. I might resume posting every once in a while, but probably not as often as before. Thanks to the people who comment and special thanks to people who recommend new music!

Meanwhile, check out the project of the fellow blogger Omer Saar:
THE GREEN ALBUM is... a full-length Hip-Hop remix album over all Al Green sample-made beats. Get it here


  1. No need to accept this as a comment. Just wanted to thank you for the support. Hope you truly enjoyed the album. If you do find the time, I think it'd be cool to add the album cover to the post.

    BTW, I am a HUGE fan of your blog. No joke! You post exceptionally good music and I look forward to new posts. Hopefully they won't be too far between.

    ; )



  2. as an african i really have been enjoying your musical window on the world ... thank you ... i will keep checking back in the hope that your gaps are not too big ... peace and energy - ca

  3. Your blog has been a total inspiration to me! Thank you for putting so much heart and soul into it. I'm gonna be looking forward to future posts - even if they are less frequent
    Thanks again - you've made an amazing contribution to what's on MY itunes ...

  4. Thank you for the enjoyment up to now.

  5. wicked beats.
    good job, omer.
    cheers from israel.