Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Huie and the Clear Wind Band - Shanghai Jazz 2

Another excellent disc from John Huie with the Clear Wind Band, the first one is here. Great swing jazz with some chinese folk instruments. A few of the tunes appeared on this blog before: The Pretender and Waiting For You to Come Back (AKA Waiting 4 U) were on the Shanghai Lounge Divas comp, and That Rhythm Man is better known as Reefer Man, and found here.

All thanks go to the original uploader, Shean Chin!

John Huie and the Clear Wind Band - Shanghai Jazz 2
REUP 11/11/14: High VBR, 110mb on zippyshare or
1. Shan Hai Yao Bai - The Shanghai Shuffle
2. Kan Zhe Wo - Look At Me
3. Ni De Ta - Your Man
4. Jia Zheng Jing - Pretender
5. Nao Ren De Ye Yu - Rain Song
6. Qie Ting Wo Shuo - Listen to Me
7. Na Zou Jie Pai De Ren - That Rhythm Man
8. Deng Zhe Ni Hui Lai - Waiting for You to Come Back
9. Shang Hai LIL - Shanghai LIL
10. Mei Gui Mei Gui Wo Ai Ni - Mei Gui Mei Gui Wo Ai Ni
11. Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang - Far in the Distance
12. Lao Cha Guan - The Old Tea House
13. Gei Wo Yi Ge Wen - Give Me A Kiss
14. Qing Ren De Yan Lei - Lovers' Tears


  1. thanks for this and the other Shanghai jazz discs- i first heard this music in the movie "Shanghai Triad" with Gong Li singing these tunes in a gangster's nightclub.

    years later i'm studying Chinese and find these songs useful- something fun to memorize and pick up a few vocabulary words.

    i'm in Taiwan now, and thanks to you i've discovered the existence of the "Pathe 100" series. they're out of print, but probably won't be too hard to find here (already found six volumes in the first store i checked).

    have ye had yer fill of this stuff, or should I point you to it after I upload?

  2. Hello RP,
    Thanks for your comment! No, I haven't heard anything from the Pathe 100. It sounds very intriguing, I would certainly appreciate a chance to hear that.

  3. Here are the six I've got so far- there are 35 volumes in total, and I may be able to obtain some more in the near future.

    your mileage may vary; I'm partial to the oldest stuff, and very partial to Zhou Xuan in particular, so I'd aver starting with her disc.

    If any of the followers of this blog have the songs from Zhou Xuan's 2007 5CD Box Set 永遠的微笑 and was inclined to share it, that'd be swell. For such a recent disc, it is unbelievably hard to locate.

    anyway, thanks again for turning me on to this stuff- the discs can be found in this folder:


    1. Here it is, almost six years later, and these Pathe links are all live, and absolutely fantastic! I urge everyone to check these out. And thank you Remorseful Prober!

  4. the link looks like it's cut off, but I just did a copy/paste and it's working.

    let me know if there's any problem on your end.


  5. thanks so much!! at last dream come true! im so excited,after a long waiting....(sigh)... :)
    thanks again..
    anyone interested in lisa ono's first album? i can share the links:

  6. Can anyone direct me towards recordings of the songs of Li Jinhui?

  7. Any chance this could be reupped? The RS link is dead. :^(

  8. Thanks for all the Shanghai Jazz. I've been an avid listener of Gary Lucas' "Edge of Heaven"
    It's nice to hear the originals behind that tribute.

  9. thank you all so much, wonderful music!!!

  10. Link is dead :( Possible reupload? Thanks!!

  11. Excellent excellent music. Thank you for re-posting and for staying with the blog in general!

  12. zippyshare link is dead but is still working! Thanks