Sunday, September 6, 2009

VA - South Sea Wind (Pathe 100 Vol.8)

An upload by Remorseful Prober.

South Sea Wind (Pathe 100 Vol.8)
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1. Xiu Qiong Pan - The Spark in My Heart
2. Xiu Qiong Pan - I Can’t Help But to Ask You
3. Kuang Yu Ling - This Night the Moon is Especially Beautiful
4. Kuang Yu Ling - The Merry Widow Waltz
5. Kuang Yu Ling - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
6. Kuang Yu Ling - Shangri-la
7. Kuang Yu Ling - Mid-Autumn Moon
8. Kuang Yu Ling - I Can’t Forget You
9. Kuang Yu Ling - Don’t Look Back
10. Zhang Lai Lai - A Good Couple
11. Zhang Lai Lai - Dumb as a Baby
12. Zhang Lai Lai - The First Kiss
13. Lan Di - I Love Ballet
14. Lan Di - The Beautiful Youngest Daughter
15. Lan Di - Jealousy
16. Lan Di - Raise Your Head and Look at Me
17. Hua Yi Bao - Dreams
18. Hua Yi Bao - The Phoenix and the Raven
19. Hua Yi Bao - Eastern Mountain Rains, the Western is Clear
20. Hua Yi Bao - Live in Your Heart
21. Hua Yi Bao - Spring Flowers in Autumn


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! It's out of print now and impossible to find. I was eager to hear the songs by Zhang Lai Lai and her sister Lan Di. And now I have! :D

    BTW, thanks for all the links to my blog. Here's something I wrote up about Zhang Lai Lai.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the Pathe 100 music
    Hope there's more coming??


  3. I'm trying to find a download of Lloyd Cole's box "Cleaning Out The Ashtrays." If you could post it, I'd really appreciate it.

  4. Hello,
    @Ron: Yes there will be more Pathe 100, stay tuned.
    @Scott: Sorry I don't have Cole's box.

  5. Thanks for the blog, just came across it. I heard a song off the South Sea Wind compilation a few years ago (John Kelly on RTE LyricFM, Ireland) and wanted to hear more but time shoved on so it's great to be reintroduced to it again! And have to say your taste of music is inspiring.....adding the blog to Speed Dial for future inspiration!

  6. I'm trying to find a download of Lloyd Cole's box "Cleaning Out The Ashtrays." If you could post it, I'd really appreciate it.
    ME TOO :-)

  7. great album...thanks for the blog and the links

  8. Thanks for posting this stuff. Really cool.

    Looking forward to Vol. 5 (Lee Hsiang Lan)

  9. Really different. Thanks for posting these.

  10. thank you very much for posting these ... somchai pornpermpoon Bangkok Thailand....

  11. Download is broken. Goes to about 30 mb and stops. Hope you can re-up, as I've only just discovered all this wonderful stuff. Thanks.