Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zhou Xuan + linkage

Good news for the fans of ShiDaiQu.
Mr. Fung of Bolingo answered my pleas and shared the Zhou Xuan box.

Click the cover to get to Zhou Xuan bio and mediafire links to the bilingually-tagged files. Alternatively, you can get them on rapidshare, tagged in chinese only, here: one, two, three, four, five; booklet scans included.

Secondly, our most excellent contributor of late, Remorseful Prober, has a blog now.

Ambuscade From Ten Sides

More shidaiqu and other far east musical gems, lyric transcriptions/translations, a learned culturological commentary, and all-around coolness. Most of the stuff is either out of print, unavailable from european/american retailers, or both. There is no other place to get this music unless you live in China/Taiwan. Do check it out, add to your favorite RSS reader, download the music and leave a comment.

The subsequent Pathe 100 discs would be shared there! although I will link to new posts.


  1. Thanks for these wonderful Chinese albums and the link!

  2. I read in on of your earlyer posts you would get your music mostly via blogs. If you like Jazz check this one out:
    I think you might like it.

  3. Thanks Alfred. I think I may have come across that one before, and it's good indeed.

  4. I have a sampler on my blog of this stuff

    A reader was kind enough to send me here for more.

  5. was seconds away from posting this, skoundrel. this spot has been summarily linkd hear

  6. Hi Owlqaeda! Thanks for the link and I love your blog - I am linking back to you.

  7. Hello,
    If you're interested in Zhou Xuan, you can listen to one of her 78 rpm recording on my blog :