Sunday, March 16, 2008

David Axelrod - Messiah

A visitor suggested this album in the comments to the Schifrin post - much thanks for the tip!
A review: Axelrod had worked in the pseudo classical crossover field before-namely the Prunes' 'Mass in F Minor' and 'Release of an Oath' but in 1971 the Axe decide to take on Handel! The opening 'Overture' is one of the high points of an excellent album-a kind of mini overview of his bag of tricks. We get Fuzz Guitar, funky drumming and oodles of strings and brass. The vocal tracks don't work quite as well apart from the rather stirring version of 'Hallelujah'. This LP has already been sampled for its beats, which surely must be a first for a classics based record.

David Axelrod's Rock Interpretations of Handel's Messiah
VBR, 39mb on mediafire: get it at the Milk Crate Breaks blog.
Milk Crate Breaks is an excellent site, worth checking out in its entirety: more Axelrod albums, Maceo Parker, the JBs and other goodies.
You can also download this album and listen to several tracks over here.

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