Friday, June 15, 2007

Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Andes + Heikki Sarmanto - New Hope Jazz Mass

Two jazz choral works.

Mary Lou Williams - Black Christ of the Andes
a truly eccentric mix of funkified gospel, Monk-ish piano trio opuses, bluesy dirges and occasional flurries of cluttered, abstract solos which clash glaringly with the bulk of her work, but paint a complete picture of a really unique artist @
Another review.
Liner notes are included as PDF.

224 kbps, 90 mb
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1) St. Martin De Porres
2) It Ain't Necessarily So
3) The Devil
4) Miss D.D.
5) Anima Christi
6) A Grand Night for Swinging
7) My Blue Heaven
8) Dirge Blues
9) A Fungus A Mungus
10) Koolbonga
11) Forty-Five Degree Angle
12) Nicole
13) Chunka Lunka
14) Praise the Lord

Original artwork:

Heikki Sarmanto - New Hope Jazz Mass
A work for mixed choir, jazz ensemble and soprano. Written by the finnish jazz composer for the opening of New York's St. Peter church.
Originally posted at El Reza, I tagged the files and reupped it.
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1. Duke and Trane
2. Glory To God In The Highest
3. We Are God's Holy Temple
4. Hymn For The Day
5. We Beleive In One God
6. Intercessions
7. Northern Dance
8. Gracious Father
9. Holy, Holy, Holy
10. Through Him
11. Have Mercy On Us
12. Thank The Lord


  1. really glad to see your blog is still up and running!.. you post some really diverse and great stuff... helped me discover a few really fantastic albums...

    did you manage to check out the modern afro beat bands antibalas, the daktaris and the budos band that i mentioned in a previous comment? .. If not I'd be happy to do you copies of some of their albums...


  2. hey Mik,
    thanks for your comments
    I'm glad you could find something interesting for you here

    thanks for the tip, too
    I found antibalas and the daktaris
    antibalas is great, yeah
    didn't get budos
    if you'd like to upload it, I'll appreciate that
    and if you wouldn't mind, I'll share it in the blog too

  3. HI!

    Thanx for the great music!
    is there any chance for more of Heikki Sarmanto?
    (especially "A Man with a Sax")
    Thanx again!

  4. Hello Wonderboy,
    Sorry, but that's the only disc of his I have. Try asking at El Reza.

  5. I'd be happy to upload the budos album, I'll have to work out how to do it first as ive never uploaded anything b4... are there any sites youd prefer me to upload it too?


  6. Hey Mik,
    Thanks for the offer, but just I found Budos Band here:
    I'll check them out tonight. Thanks again for the recommendations :)

  7. Hey glad you liked the album , sorry did I not tag it least it came from OOP jap cd so top quality

    BTW Man with a Sax is available at my blog and have more Heikki if wanted :)

  8. thanks for this..