Friday, July 6, 2007

Oranj Symphonette Plays Mancini

If musicians who are good enough to play anything get together, what would they play? If you ever wondered about that, now you can find out. Oranj Symphonette is a side project of five accomplished studio musicians: Matt Brubeck (cello/bass), Joe Gore (guitar), Ralph Carney (horns), Scott Amendola (drums) and Rob Burger (keys). Their list of credentials is too long to relate here, and you can see it at the Rykodisc site; I will just say that Brubeck, Joe Gore, and Carney met at the sessions for Tom Waits' late 80s - early 90s albums.
They could have selected any material to elaborate upon. I am guessing two reasons behind the choice of Mancini tunes: one, they are familiar to most listeners, and two, they do not confine the performer to a certain genre the way Smoke on the Water or Girl From Ipanema would. And Oranj Symphonette uses this freedom very well, effortlessly traveling from easy listening to hard rock to free jazz with any number of scenic detours in between.

Oranj Symphonette Plays Mancini
REUP: mediafire
200VBR, 64 mb
1. A Shot In The Dark
2. Experiment In Terror
3. The Pink Panther Theme
4. Lujon
5. The Inspector Clouseau Theme
6. Moon River
7. Charade
8. The Day Of Wine And Roses
9. Mr. Yunioshi
10. Mr. Lucky
11. March Of The Cue Balls
12. Baby Elephant Gunn (Baby Elephant Walk And Peter Gunn)

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