Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Songs The Cramps Taught Us Vol. 1 and 2

The Cramps' spiritual leader and guitarist Poison Ivy is also well known as a collector and connosieur of rare rockabilly and garage-rock singles. These two CDs collect the 50's and 60's obscurities covered, touted, or quoted by The Cramps.

Songs The Cramps Taught Us: Vol. 1 (104 mb, 192 kbps) and Vol. 2 (99 mb, mostly 192 kbps) on megaupload.

There is also a third volume that I don't have, I will appreciate any leads on that. Marcel in the comments pointed me to the Wild Wild Party blog that has the third volume - along with a ton of other great stuff!
The track list is in the comments.

P.S. A lot of the same material is covered on the Born Bad series.


  1. Vol. 1

    1.Sparkles-Hipsville 29 B.C.
    2.Dwight Pullen-Sunglasses After Dark
    3.Link Wray-Fatback
    4.Sherrif & Ravels-Shombolar
    5.Riptides-Machine Gun
    6.Bo Diddley-Dancing Girl
    7.Trashmen-Surfin Bird
    8.Walter Brown-Jelly Roll Rock
    11.Third Bardo-Five Years Ahead Of My Time
    12.Busters-Bust Out
    13.The Phantom-Love Me
    14.Jett Powers-Go Girl Go
    15.Ronnie Cook & Gaylads-Goo Goo Muck
    16.Runabouts-Strangeness In Me
    19.Elroy Dietzel-Rockin Bones
    20.Dale Hawkins-Tornado
    22.Keith Courvale-Trapped Love
    23.Freddie & Hitchikers-Sinners
    24.Charlie Feathers-Can't Hardly Stand It
    25.Andy Starr-Give Me A Woman
    26.R.Lewis Band-Get Off The Road
    27.Hayden Thompson-Blues Blues Blues
    28.Lee Dresser & Krazy Kats-Beat Out My Love
    29.Andre Williams-Bacon Fat
    30.Jack Scott-The Way I Walk
    31.Elvis Presley-Do The Clam.

  2. Vol. 2

    1.Hasil Adkins-She Said
    2.Buddy Love-Heartbreak Hotel
    3.Dean Carter-Jailhouse Rock
    4.Fender Four-Margaya
    5.Johnny Burnett-Tear It Up
    6.Lightnin Slim-I'ts Mighty Crazy
    7.Glen Glenn-Everybody's Movin
    8.Carl Perkins-Her Love Rubbed Off
    9.Slim Harpo-Strange Love
    10.Charlie Feathers-It's Just That Song
    11.Green Fuz-Green Fuz
    12.Bill Allen-Please Give Me Something
    13.Captain Beefheart-Hard Working Man
    14.J.J.Jackson & Jackaels-Oo-Ma-Liddi
    15.3 Aces & A Joker-Booze Party
    16.Spark Plugs-Chicken
    17.Jimmy Stewart-Rock On The Moon
    18.Sonny Burgess-Red Headed Woman
    19.Kip Tyler & Flips-Jungle Hop
    20.Don & Galaxies-Sundown
    21.Roy Orbison-Domino
    22.Readymen-Shortnin Bread
    23.Novas-The Crusher
    24.Tune Rockers-Green Mosquito
    25.Jesters-Peter Gunn
    26.Count Five-Psychotic Reaction
    27.Flames-The Bird
    28.Red Crayola-Hurricane Fighter Plane
    29.Kasenatz Katz Circus-Quick Joey Small
    30.Rick Nelson-Lonesome Town
    32.Jim Lowe-Green Door

  3. Great little 50's collection of fun teenage stuff. Thanks for the fun.

  4. Hey, happy to visit your blog and find so much good stuff!
    happy too to tell you that you will find "songs the cramps...vol 3" on the september page of:
    the link is still good
    have fun,

  5. Many thanks for sharing these; much appreciated.

  6. i tried downloading..and was stuck on 100% w/out finishing for over an hour. whats the dealo?

  7. Don't know. Megaupload must be acting up. Nobody else complained...