Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am listening to Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats compilation: The most brutally raw music I've heard in ages is exploding from the ghettos of Rio De Janiero @.
Read a review, get it from here.

Also, two blogs to recommend:
Great selection of samba/pop from 60s to modern stuff, and a lot of good music in general.
Rare and obscure funk collections and more.


  1. I must say I really like your blog and all the work you put in to make this site very unique and spectacular. Your musical taste is the same as mine and you have been sheadding light on so much music I don't know what to do with. Well I do.. I just baught another 500 GB External haha. Anyways Much Love thanks for your hard work once again.


  2. Well, this is to say I'm really grateful for all the great music you're sharing with us on your spectacular blog. And also, for I believe in "give and take", to send you links for a series of compilations I made focusing
    brazilian music. It was a work of love and to my personal friends, with no intentions to post on the
    blogosphere... I know you probably have a ton of "things" to download,
    but, what the hey, it's just my way to thank you and just a small sample of the entire series for you to enjoy.

    Have to say there's differences between my "work" and the excellent JTymekind
    compilations, although we share a lot of common ground. My focus was
    to give a wider perspective of the brazilian music, instead of just
    one or two genres... I also just put tracks from the best sources
    available, the majority came from my personal collection, so, no
    vinyl, just cd tracks. Hope you enjoy.

    the links:

    Brasilidade, vol 01

    Brasilidade, vol 02

    Greetings from Brasil.

  3. Hello Yerblues,
    Thanks a lot for your comps, I got both volumes and liked them a lot. A great mix, and a lot of new tunes for me. If you don't mind, I can make a separate post with those.

  4. No problem Lestp, you can post these samples. Glad to know you liked it. Some friends of mine show interest to post the entire series, but we didn't decide some "things" yet. As soon as we made a deal here, I'll let you know where you will find the other links for the rest of the series, ok? Peace & respect.