Thursday, May 1, 2008

Irene Schweizer - Jazz Meets India

Quite an amazing fusion of indian classical and european free jazz, a live recording from two different dates. Irene Schweizer Trio, Schoof, and Wilen represent the free jazz side of the coin; Dewan Motihar Trio (sitar, tabla, tamboura) are the indian side; the two seemingly incompatible musical traditions mesh seamlessly here.

Irene Schweizer Trio + Dewan Motihar Trio with Manfred Schoof and Barney Wilen - Jazz meets India [1967]
320kbps, 81mb on sharebee
1. Sun Love
2. Yaad
3. Brigach and Ganges


  1. Interesting concept - thank you.

  2. thanks SO much! Do you have any more albums in this vein? I remember seeing a list full of albums like this

  3. I posted Ananda Shankar here earlier. A lot of stuff is available on other blogs, like Curried Jazz and Indo-Jazz Fusions at Orgy In Rhythm.

  4. thanks very much for the links!

  5. As I sought for that. Thank you very much wonderful post.


  6. i would like to express my gratitude too, for the fine artistic offerings placed here and, mostly, for all the work that lies behind such a blog.
    if i might make a suggestion: the works (jazz or otherwise) of Michael Sell (frankfurt based composer/ex-trumpeter) are really worth becoming more known among "new music" fans. i myself have ripped 3 vinyls of his ensembles from around 1980, that count among the best records in my collection. unfortunately i am neither an "audiophile" freak, nor do i possess the technology for professional digital conversion. i believe that enjoyment does not need luxury and a big fuss. therefor, i simply use the audacity freeware (an abomination to serious "audophiles", ha ha). if, however, there is a way i could humbly contribute to your efforts, please let me know.

    ps: i am not sure wether the said vinyl records are commercially available on cd right now. Sell himself sells (no pun) his stuff through his site these days, much like the deceased stockhausen did.

    my respects,
    the invisible man [to found on soulseek].

  7. Hi

    Thanks so much for all the beautiful music you have put up here .. I'm always very happy to drop by "what's on my Ipod'and discover some cool stuff .. I have downloaded Jazz meets India, simply superb .. Thanx a 10000000

    All the best from Paris/France !

  8. Hello Alexis,
    Please leave your email or write me at whatsinmyipod(at)gmail(dot)com

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    IN any case, speaking as one who makes the fusion of east and west, I thank you for this very nice upload.