Thursday, May 1, 2008

Johnny Seaton with Danny Gatton - Uptown + Reaction

Two fantastic obscure albums from a rockabilly revivalist Johnny Seaton with the great Danny Gatton on guitar. Unfortunately, I could not find the covers.

Johnny Seaton with Danny Gatton - Reaction (1985)
192kbps, 42.5mb on sharebee
1. Reaction
2. The Wheels Start Turnin
3. Rough'n'Tough
4. Crazier Than Me
5. I Ain't Gittin Rid Of You
6. Rockin Man
7. I Wouldn't Do The Same Thing To You
8. Big City Baby
9. 59 Phantom
10. Stop Lovin All The World

Johnny Seaton with Danny Gatton - Uptown (1983)
192kbps, 36.4mb on sharebee
1. Uptown
2. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
3. Come On Little Mama *
4. Don't Play With Me
5. I'm Feelin Sorry
6. Get With It
7. All Messed Up With Raw Deal
8. Right Now
9. Blue Monday
10. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
11. Willin And Ready *
(Gatton does not play on Come On Little Mama and Willin and Ready)

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  1. These are fantastic, I've looked for years for these records! Thank you! Any lead on artwork?

  2. Still no artwork... if you find it, let me know.

  3. I love this blog so much!!! So many amazing LPs! Thanks a lot

  4. Here's the cover for Reaction from the Danny Gatton site:

    THANKS for posting these albums! There's just not enough Danny in the world...