Friday, May 2, 2008

Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping

Very pleasant soul-jazz with unusual psychedelic-sounding harp arpeggios. Those after beats'n'breaks would find them here galore. Sounds like it's been mixed by a drummer, though - the percussion tracks are a little too prominent for their own good.

Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping (1968)
66mb on sharebee
1. Soul Vibrations
2. Games
3. Action Line
4. Lonely Girl
5. Life Has Its Trials
6. Afro-Harping
7. Little Sunflower
8. Theme from Valley of the Dolls
9. Come Live With Me
10. The Look of Love


  1. Many thanks for your work and great taste.
    I was very pleased to discover the links you gave us about Jazz and India, especially the woebot one.
    I'm searching for all kind of informations about the encounters between World music and Jazz: Indian music, african music, Gnawa, european, any kind of traditional music and jazz.
    Have you other links, blogs, sites, books, articles that could help me to find any info or downloadings about the Jazz records that were made with that spirit?
    Many Thanks by advance

    Yvon (Paris)

  2. Hello Yvon,
    There is really too much to list here, maybe you could be more specific.
    Here's another WOEBOT link that might be useful for you.
    You can look into Ernest Ranglin solo LPs (for instance, Memories of Barber Mack) for a jazz/reggae fusion; Mulatu Astatke for Ethiopean jazz; Salah Ragab and Ahmed Abdul-Malik - North Africa, Vaquif Mustafa-Zadeh - Armenia, some of the chinese jazz records I shared earlier (see tag Far East, Coco Zhao in particular). Check out accordeon players Gus Viseur and Tony Murena for a musette/jazz fusion. Pixinguinha, Raul de Souza (Raulzinho), Turma da Gafieira, and Meirelles e os Copa 5 for jazz/samba. Highlife style for an african take on jazz (see this especially).

    Hope that helps.

  3. This one is going down on my top ten list.

  4. This sounds great - thanks for shring.

  5. This sounds very interesting: unusual choice of instrument and African influenced tunes.

    Looking forward to checking it out.