Monday, October 29, 2007

A great article on how piracy is good and why the major labels deserve to die.
Does not really justify my activities here (I doubt there's a single album I shared so far that came out on a major - except maybe for ZZ Top), but still worth a read.

Also, a great blog: na Bula Bula.
See the gypsy tag for some Fanfare Ciocarlia and more Balkan goodies; see the arabe tag for Cheb Khaled's Kenza along with several other Chebs.


  1. SIRE wasn't a major label when Blank Generation came out?

  2. I am not sure, but that's not crucial. Booker T and the MGs are on Atlantic. The two rockabilly comps I posted just now are on Columbia. I don't feel like checking, but Classic Meets Cuba are probably on a major. But major labels are definitely in minority on this blog.