Sunday, October 7, 2007

Coco Zhao - Dream Situation

Chinese vocal jazz.
I read about Coco Zhao some time ago and was trying to find him online since. He's too damn rare, though - it took me a few months!
The reviews characterize his vocal style as "a boy Billy Holiday". The music is rooted both in chinese classical opera and in western jazz tradition; the repertoire is drawn from the chinese standards of the 40s and 50s, kinda like the stuff on The Shanghai Lounge Divas - but with a more modern sound. Interesting, worth checking out. My wife loved it.

Two reviews from one and two.
Audio interview and some free song downloads from NPR here.

Coco Zhao - Dream Situation
320 kbps, 88mb on zippyshare or
1. Full Moon, Blooming Flowers
2. I Have a Tale
3. Unavailable Love
4. Yearming
5. I Want Your Love
6. Dream Situation
7. Waiting
8. If Without You
9. Three Years

Coco Zhao and Possicobilities
Coco Zhao: vocals
Peng Fei: clavier, keyboard, violin
Huang Jianyi: piano
E.J. Parker: bass
Chris Trzinski: drums


  1. Could you give us one Rapidshare download link please??? Those another ones suckas pretty bad! Cheers.

  2. Now that you've hooked me on Shanghai Jazz I must hear this! But the MF link is dead. Another re-re-up please? Also, the originals (Disc 2) of the Divas is not d-loading either, while you're at it?