Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Quine with John Zorn

Filmworks V: Tears of Ecstasy
REUP: 160kbps, 68 mb on mediafire

Music recorded and mixed in twelve hours! Forty-eight sound cues (roughly one minute long each) for Tears of Ecstacy, a 1995 film by Japan's leading gay porno director, Oki Hiroyuki. Featuring Quine, Zorn, Marc Ribot and Cyro Baptista. This album mixes world beat, surf, hard rock, ambient, industrial, noise, classical and jazz. - says Quine discography.

It was toward the end of September 1995 that I first got the call for this one. The concept was simple — a one-hour film divided into sixty one-minute sequences. The director wanted sixty one-minute pieces of music to go with it, and as far as he was concerned, anything goes. The director wanted the music by the first of October, only one week away. I agreed immediately. The idea of recording and mixing these cues in one day seemed a real challenge, and with the right band it would be a lot of fun. This clearly was the right band, because it was a fucking blast. Ribot, Quine and Cyro have worked with me for years, and at least one of them appear on virtually every film scoring job I've ever done. They are the best of the best.
Drawing upon their many talents, there's a wide range of styles here — rock, noise, ambient, world music, jazz, industrial, but mostly it's all a freak hybrid that belongs to none of these categories. Themes will repeat now and again with variations or alternate arrangements (Morricone, the master, once told me that you really only need one theme to score a film properly) and of course there is plenty of room here for the players to "stretch out," even within the limitations of a one-minute time frame. - says Zorn himself

More Zorn scores with Quine on guitar:
The first in Zorn's Filmworks series, Filmworks 1986-1990 with a review and track listing/liner notes, Quine plays on #1-18.

Also, The Bride and Spillane from the excellent MoodswingsMusic blog.


  1. Thanks for the chance to fill out my Quine collection; unfortunately the links are gone. Great collection of stuff here all around!!!

  2. No, dude, all links are alive! I just checked them, and there is a live link for every album mentioned in this post. If you want Filmworks V, it is still up on megaupload; sometimes megaupload gives an error, and you have to try again in a few minutes.