Friday, October 19, 2007

Lloyd Cole - Lloyd Cole

The last installment in my Quine retrospective.

LLOYD COLE (Capitol) Alternate title: Robert Quine, whose six cuts here prove a smart person can still get away with this shit while the other seven demonstrate why even a smart person has to. Except on the herky-funky "Waterline," which offers history nothing but a solo, Quine doesn't just play superbly. Torturing Cole's hummable tunes and easy little folk-pop guitar hooks until they confess, he lays a saving aura of wisdom around the postgraduate melancholy, stretching the songs toward the tensile intelligence the boss so admired on Legendary Hearts. And then he goes home. Who was that masked man? - review by Robert Christgau

Cole's 5.3 hcp got him a respectable tied 11th place on Golf Digest's top 100 list of musicians (a tie with Alice Cooper) *

Lloyd Cole - Lloyd Cole
REUP: 72 mb on mediafire
1) Don't Look Back
2) What Do You Know About Love?
3) No Blue Skies
4) Loveless
5) Sweetheart
6) To The Church
7) Downtown
8) A Long Way Down
9) Ice Cream Girl
10) Undressed
11) I Hate To See You Baby Doing That Stuff
12) Waterline
13) Mercy Killing


  1. Hi. I'm from Mexico City. I was waiting about 20 years for this cd, with teardrops in my eyes i only can say thank you, and thank you Rock 101 (Idea Musical), for the man that now i am.

    Carlos Rivas

  2. could you please re-post?
    thanks you.