Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yalla - Hitlist Egypt

On a tip from the great Schadenfreudian Therapy blog.
Amazon: For this album, released in 1990 and still the best compilation of modern Egyptian music around, David Lodge divvied Egyptian pop into working-class shaabi music and the upscale, educated, urban al-jil ("generation") sound, and devotes six rambunctiously appealing tracks to each. In al-jil the ongoing struggle between Islamic conservatism and a secular society tempted by Western ways is acted out in jumpy synthesizer rhythms and cautious, carefully monitored lyrics sung by some of the world's most sensuous singers. So-called shaabi music, on the other hand, is a funkier, rootsier reaction by Arab "country" singers to the wayward politics and pitfalls of urban life. The instruments are acoustic and traditional, the lyrics often socially conscious, and the emotions fervent. Relatively untouched by the West, Egyptian music provides a unique sonic entryway into a truly different cultural universe.

Yalla - Hitlist Egypt
High VBR, 128mb on megaupload or sendspace
1. Amr Diab - Ei Yaani
2. Hanan - Besma
3. Ehab - Masakeen
4. Mohamed Moneer - Sif Safaa
5. Khedr - Balsam Shafee
6. Adel El Musree - Ya Ramal
7. Sami Ali & Sahar Hamdy - Elli Shatr Enhaa Tgannen
8. Hassan El Asmar - Kitab Hayarti
9. Magdy Shabeeni - Ya Dunnya Ley
10. Magdy Talaat - Yalle Khadak Habibi
11. Shaaban Abdel Raheem - Akhar Saah
12. Hassan El Asmar - Mish Haseebak


  1. thanks so much for this!! I love compilations of world 'underground' music like this.

  2. Thank you for this! I bought it on casette years ago, and my copy is now pretty much worn out, so I'm very happy to hear it again.

  3. Hello :) I downloaded with "megaupload" but I don't have the program to open and then I tried the "sendspace" and it said it was no longer available, cheers Sylvia

  4. Hello Sylvia,
    The files on megaupload and sendspace were the same.
    These are rar files, they can be opened with WinRAR (a commercial program), or 7zip (free, can be dlded from here:

  5. Hey lestp,

    Great :) Thanks alot for that


  6. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)) i was searching for it for so lonnnnnnnnnng !!
    n cant believe i finally got it !! thankx a million !
    i am happy i got introduced to your blog ! its awesome !
    keep it up !