Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jony Iliev and Band - Ma Maren Ma

Some Middle Eastern and flamenco strains are evident in the Balkan grooves laid down by the band (aptly described as "diabolically swinging" on the back cover), who stretch out on a few instrumentals that provide cool contrast to Iliev's vocal workouts. Ma Maren Ma is a deep, subtly effective album of modern Gypsy music, highly recommended for fans of the genre and the curious. @

Jony Iliev and Band - Ma Maren Ma
128kbps, 45mb on sharebee
1. Arizona
2. Godzila Intro
3. Godzila
4. 17:50
5. Ma Maren Ma
6. Nasfalilo
7. Gypsy's Kolo
8. Ma Rov
9. Nadire
10. Gaida Cocek
11. Mig, Mig
12. Ma Devla
13. Ma Maren Ma [Instrumental]


  1. I am sorry but there is something wrong with sharebee. Can you upload this album again? I really want to listen to this, I couldn't find the original album in my country -serious-.