Sunday, January 6, 2008

Burunduk Quartet - Stuffed Horse

Most excellent Russan lounge electronica. Highly recommended! One of the rare albums I don't get tired of; I first heard it eight years ago and I still keep it in my player. If you liked Jaga Jazzist, try this one out.

Burunduk Quartet - Stuffed Horse
67 mb on zippyshare or
1. Coffee Seller
2. Liliana Plachet (Liliana is crying)
3. Barmenov Nikogda Ne Ubivaut (The bartender never gets killed)
4. Sleeping Plane
5. Gaucho Bojatsja Goroda (Gaucho are afraid of the city)
6. Mamilor Podisir
7. Pierre I Richard
8. Bizon Bizon
9. Bootscream
10. Persi Hit
11. Lorry
12. Pin-Up Resus
13. Farshirovannaja Loshad (Stuffed horse)
14. Boby


  1. I really haven't got into it, maybe it will take a few listens to understand it. Thanks again for the great posts.

  2. Looking forward to this one. Thank you. Great blog!

  3. This is really very amateurish. Nice try but I'm going to erase it from my drive. There are many Russian artists who have created far greater music than this.
    Thanks anyways

  4. There is no point arguing about the tastes. I am sorry you did not like it. I still stand by my words: I think this is great and I never get tired of it.

  5. Another excellent and eclectic pick from obscurity that I've come across thanks to your essential site.

  6. Very good. I especially enjoyed Gaucho Bojatsja Goroda, whatever that means.

  7. Hello friend. Thanks for the excellent music. Is there any chance you restore the link for Burunduk Quartet? Again, many thanks and blessings. Nigel