Thursday, January 25, 2007

Calypso King and the Soul Investigators

A band I stumbled on while searching for calypso music. Despite the name, this is not calypso, this is a heavy, raw retro-funk in the style of the Meters or late 60s James Brown instrumentals. They also put out an album with a neo-soul singer Nicole Willis; I have it but didn't get to it yet.
The band's identity is unclear: the names in the credits, the liner notes and the All Music Guide review all suggest they are from Finland; other sources (i.e. an Amazon review) states that they are, in fact, impostors - New Yorkers masquearading as finns. It only sounds logical - anybody would like to be mistaken for a Finn, right?

Calypso King and the Soul Investigators - Home Cooking (2004?)

01. Home Cooking Part I
02. Mo' Hash
03. Greasy Pork
04. Greens Please
05. Midnight Bar-b-q
06. Ti-ki Tofu
07. Good Food
08. Home Cooking Part II
09. Electric Cooker
10. Micro Popcorn
11. Deep Fried Chitlings
12. Momma's Gravy (Yum Yum)
13. Green Tea & Tobacco

Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Soul Strike! (2001)
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320kbps, 86mb

1. Gator Funk Pt.1
2. Ma-Gee
3. Mo' Calypso Strut
4. Some Funk
5. Raw Grapes
6. Investigator's Groove
7. Struggling My Way
8. Brand New Potatoes
9. Ahh Soul!
10. Soul Strike!
11. Chick Beans
12. Ci-Ka-Boo


  1. they are from Finland!
    check out for all their releases

  2. I used to live in Finland, and yes.... they are from Helsinki. Check out this YouTube link: