Sunday, January 21, 2007

Takeshi Terauchi - Beat Beat Beat Vol. 1-4

With all that water around Japan, it's no wonder they got a lot of surf. And with the Ventures cult they've got going there, it's no wonder they've got their own surf music scene. What's surprising, though, is how good the japanese surf is.
With the first tidal wave of surf popularity in the 60's, japanese teenagers formed a million guitar bands to emulate the Ventures. This style was called ereki (electric), and Takeshi Terauchi (AKA Terry) was the biggest ereki star of them all. Just like the Ventures, Terry put out countless albums, a lot of them "concept" - i.e. Terry plays classical themes surf-style, Terry plays trad japanese folk tunes surf-style, Terry plays this, Terry plays that... These LPs are "Terry plays the deathless surf standards and then some" - Walk Don't Run, Diamond Head, Apache, Wipeout, Out of Limits etc. etc. He manages to walk that fine line between being faithful to the classic surf style and having his own individuality - his sound is a lot like the Ventures', but harder, drier and edgier.
You think that Pulp Fiction soundtrack is all the surf worth hearing? Terry's guitar will have it for lunch!

REUP: mediafire, 112mb, both albums in one archive

Beat Beat Beat Vol. 1 + 2
01. Oh, Pretty Woman.mp3
02. Tell Me.mp3
03. Django.mp3
04. Kissn' Cousins.mp3
05. Twin Cut Out.mp3
06. Una Sera Di Tokyo.mp3
07. Walk - Don't Run.mp3
08. A Hard Days Night.mp3
09. The House Of Rising Sun.mp3
10. Ti Voglio Amar.mp3
11. Please Mr Postman.mp3
12. I'll Touch A Star.mp3
13. Hold Me.mp3
14. En Blu Jeans Et Troudon De Chur.mp3
15. Diamond Head.mp3
16. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue.mp3
17. 500 Miles.mp3
18. Keep Searchin'.mp3
19. Il Sure Della.mp3
20. Blue Jean No.1.mp3
21. 007 - Gold Finger.mp3
22. Heart of Stone.mp3
23. Pipe Line.mp3
24. Apache.mp3
25. Just Think of Tonight.mp3
26. Mr Carpenter.mp3

Beat Beat Beat Vol. 3 + 4
01. Fugitive.mp3
02. Game Of Love.mp3
03. What Have They Done.mp3
04. On The Beach.mp3
05. Donna Donna.mp3
06. Mes Amis Mes Copains.mp3
07. Cruel Sea.mp3
08. Crying In the Chapel.mp3
09. Mariner Number 4.mp3
10. This Little Bird.mp3
11. Tar Un Beau Matin D Ete.mp3
12. Your Baby.mp3
13. Miserlou.mp3
14. Wipeout.mp3
15. Desert Island.mp3
16. Journey To The Stars.mp3
17. Rock-A-Bye Rag.mp3
18. Out Of Limits.mp3
19. Sentimental Train.mp3
20. Caravan.mp3
21. La Playa.mp3
22. Night Load.mp3
23. In The Chapel In the Moonlight.mp3
24. Touch Your Heart.mp3


  1. Okay~~I'm dying with anticipation for these suckers to download....been trying to track down this stuff for awhile---BIG THANKS. (if ya got any more Takeshi stuff do not hesitate to put it up!!! The guy was amazing to say the least)

  2. Hey Invisible Man,
    There are two Terry records here:
    These pages change; one of the song titles used to be "The go-between of the rainbow", then it became "Rainbow Bridge" and now it is "Oedo Nihonbashi" or smth.

    I've got more of his stuff and some other japanese surf too, I'll put it up this week.

  3. Hi,
    Just discovered your great blog. Unfortunately these 2 Terauchi posts are dead--any chance for a reup?

  4. Thank you! I am downloading this now. I expect great things, the covers are awesome. Thank you!


  5. Hi,
    I'm from Germany and I search a 12"LP from
    Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans named PERRY RHODAN, released in 1978, Cat.Number SKA-245 (King Records)
    Before some weeks, this was offered at
    Does anyone knows, where I can buy this?
    Thanks at before

  6. please, reupload it, i cannot download it now. I'm a fan of this music and i would like to download this...
    Sorry, that i am writing as an anonymouse. My name is Dan if it matters))

  7. Thanks so much for this..... GREAT stuff.... I like what's on your iPod!!

  8. Many thanks for this and all the hard work that you put into this blog!

  9. grande papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sos un capo!!!!este loco me pone de la mente!!!!!!!!!desde argentina!!!!!surf up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!danillo

  10. Hey, the only link is down again, would you be so kind as to re-up? I've become an overnight Terauchi convert.