Thursday, January 25, 2007

Essential Radio Birdman 1974-78

A most excellent punk band from the so-called Down Under, land of the kangaroos and AC/DC. Influenced by MC5 and the Doors. They actually collaborated with Manzarek on some of the later songs, you can hear that unmistakable keyboard sound. I was very emphatically introduced to them by a manager of KDVS (UC Davis indie radio station), who was not only a music freak, but also a very beautiful and smart girl, and thus cool beyond belief. So, you know they gotta be good! The first song, Aloha Steve and Danno, quotes from Hawaii Five-O (known to many in the Ventures rendition), which only adds the bonus points.

Radio Birdman - Essential Radio Birdman 1974-78
97 mb.
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1. Aloha Steve and Danno
2. Murder City Nights
3. New Race
4. Love Kills
5. Descent into the Maelstrom
6. Burn My Eye '78
7. I-94
8. Anglo Girl Desire
9. Hand of Law
10. Snake
11. Do the Pop
12. Non-Stop Girls
13. What Gives?
14. Man With Golden Helmet
15. Hanging On
16. Crying Sun
17. Smith and Wesson Blues
18. Time to Fall
19. Alone in the Endzone
20. Breaks My Heart [Live]
21. More Fun [Live]
22. Dark Suprise [Live]


  1. No Manzarek in here, though the influence is undeniable. The band had some Stooges and MC5 connections, what with main man Deniz Tek being a Detroit native. Anyway; great blog.

  2. I am not very strong on my Radio Birdman history. You might be correct. For some reason I thought they collaborated with Manzarek - maybe those songs are not included here? maybe he produced something for them? maybe I am just remembering something wrong? not sure...