Saturday, January 20, 2007

Trio Los Panchos - Mis 30 Mejores Canciones

I first heard them on a tape a hipster friend of mine forced on me. I didn't like them at the time because I thought they were too mellow, but as I grew up, they grew on me. There are scores of compilations out there; the Panchos' membership changed over the years, and presumably some periods are better than others. I can't tell you when or who's on this one, but the way it sounds to me, this must be their exitos del oro or whatever.
I think they got famous by covering Besame Mucho (not on this disc, but gives you an idea). These discs are chockful of songs just as good and not as worn-out. Beautiful melodies, trio singing in harmony, love lyrics in spanish - in short, all the corazon your heart desires...
As the world entered the new century, I had to keep up with the Joneses and replace all my tapes with CDs (now obsolete, as well), so this is a rip from my own CD, 200VBR, 2 CDs 65 mb each.

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1. Sin Un Amor
2. Rayito De Luna
3. Contigo
4. Sin Ti
5. Perdida
6. Ladrona De Besos
7. Sin Remedio
8. Dilema
9. Nuestro Amor
10. Ya Es Muy Tarde
11. No, No Y No
12. Caminemos
13. Amor De La Calle
14. Mi Magdalena
15. Mi Ultimo Fracaso

1. No Me Quieras Tanto
2. Me Castiga Dios
3. Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo
4. Un Siglo De Ausencia
5. Los Dos
6. No Trates De Mentir
7. Una Copa Mas
8. Flor De Azalea
9. Miseria
10. Nada
11. Solo
12. Te Fuiste
13. Basura
14. Una Voz
15. Recuerdos De Ti

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  1. Hello, I'm in Brazil city of London, thanks for the opportunity to find this cd. Very good, and congratulations for the site.
    Opa, sou aqui de Londrina, Brazil. Parabens pelo site gostei muito do cd. (Roberto)