Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ernest Ranglin - Below The Bassline/Boss Reggae

Ernest Ranglin - the greatest Studio One session guitar man. He plays on the majority of the ska and reggae singles - My Boy Lollipop, The Rivers of Babylon etc.etc. He is also a great jazz player, having recorded with Sonny Stitt, among others.
Below The Bassline is his recent "comeback" recording - a mellow and very very groovy jazz/reggae fusion. When I heard it, I thought it sounded like Monty Meets Sly and Robbie, except with guitar upfront instead of the piano. Sure enough, it turns out Monty Alexander is backing him on this disk; in fact, they are old mates, having played together in Jamaican studios in the 60s and 70s, on the Skatalites', Jimmy Cliff's and Prince Buster's records.
In general, I am suspicious of the "comebacks", but this one is a big exception. If anything, I like it better than his '70s Boss Reggae (which is more reggae, less jazz). Here are both albums, you are welcome to make your own comparison.

Ernest Ranglin - Below The Bassline 1996
REUP: depositfiles
320kbps, 126 mb
1. Congo Man Chant
2. Surfin'
3. King Tubby Meets The Rockers
4. Satta Massagana
5. 54-46 (Was My Number)
6. Ball Of Fire
7. Black Disciples
8. Bourbon Street Skank
9. None Shall Escape The Judgement
10. Nana's Chalk Pipe
11. Below The Bassline
Personnel: Ernest Ranglin (Guitar); Monty Alexander (piano, melodica); Ira Coleman (Acoustic Bass); Idris Muhammad (Drums); Gary Mayone (Keyboards, Percussion); Rolland Alphonso (Tenor & Soprano Sax)

Ernest Ranglin - Boss Reggae 1970?
link below
1. Grandfather's clock
2. Soulful i
3. Liquidation
4. Dr. no-go
5. Everybody's talking
6. Pop-a-top
7. Sweet sensation
8. Scoopy
9. There's a fire
10. My elusive dreams

You can also find another Ranglin-Monty collaboration, "Rocksteady", over here.

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Below the Bassline + In Search of a Lost Riddim
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  1. hola!!! podrias volver a subir Ernest Ranglin - Below The Bassline (1996)????

  2. Thanks for these marvellous records.

  3. Hey there. First, I want to say what a fantastic blog this is. You put a lot of time and effort into it, and I want you to know it's appreciated.

    I came here trying to find Below the Bassline, an Ernest Ranglin album I purchased but lost years ago, and I found so much more.

    That said, I think the Ernest Ranglin link for Below the Bassline is dead.

  4. Awesome, that you so much! You rock!


    I have also been looking around for ranglin's album Sounds & Power ... ever heard of it? it seems to be out of print.

  6. Hello,
    Sounds and Power is available here: are not my uploads, but I think the copy is the same I have, which is a vinyl rip with 11 tracks, ~29mb. I think it also came out in an extended edition on CD (see AMG) but I don't have that one.

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    I was here asking around for the Sounds&Power album.

    Well i finally ripped it myself and have it over at my space.
    Just thot I'd let you know since you've shared much and u've been cool in helpin a fan out

    Also I've linked this post to mine so that others may find their way here

  9. More Ernest Ranglin here:

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