Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Miriam Makeba - Folk Songs From Africa / Pata Pata

I became aware of her through a book on linguistics. She is singing in Xhosa, which is one of the click languages. It is thought that the click languages are the most ancient language group on Earth. The first tune here is titled A Click Song AKA Qongqothwane, where the q's are alveolar clicks.
She was pretty popular in US in the 70s. I have no release info on this CD, but it sounds genuine to me: no synths, no drum programming, the instrumentation is sparse and authentic. So this is most likely a collection from her original 60s albums, or even if it's a recent (re-)recording, then it's just as good.

Miriam Makeba - Folk Songs From Africa
44mb, 128kbps
1. Click Song
2. Retreat Song
3. Mbube
4. Suliram
5. OlililI
6. Amampondo
7. Nomeva
8. Pole Mze
9. Saduva
10. Iyaguduza
11. Kilimanjaro
12. Qhude
13. Dubula
14. Umhome
15. KwedinI
16. Maduna
17. Lakutshn Ilanga
18. Mayibuye

This is one of the original albums from the early 70s, including the song that made her famous - Pata Pata. It's an African standard, like Mbube AKA Wimoweh.

Pata Pata, 1972
160 kbps, 40 mb
REUP: sharebee
01. Pata Pata
02. Ha Po Zamani
03. What is Love
04. Maria Fulo
05. Yetentu Tizaleny
06. Click Song No.1
07. Ring Bell, Ring Bell
08. Jol'inkomo
09. West Wind
10. Saduva
11. A Piece of Ground
12. Malayisha


  1. oh, could you PLEASE reup this link, I'd be so glad hearing this record

    and thanx

  2. Спасибо. Голос Miriram Makeba стал для меня откровением. удивительная сила и жизнь в этом голосе. Сильная личность, талантливая солистка. Подобный талант бессмертен.

    Огромное спасибо.