Monday, June 11, 2007

Africa Raps

A compilation of hip hop mostly from Senegal, with some MC's from Gambia and Mali. The rhyming is mostly in French with a few tracks in Wolof. The idea here is to give a snapshot of what hip hop is like in Dakar, thankfully not an attempt to cross over in Europe or the US. Many of the tracks have a very strident African groove, with minimal breaks and pounding beats learned from old-to-mid school hip hop. 16 tracks including "Africa Child" by Abass Abass, "Kay Jel Ma" by Bibson/Xuman, "CBV" by Art 158, "Omzo" by Kunu Abal Ay Beut, Ojoloff" by Metite, "Tata Pound" by Badala, "Positively Black Soul" by Boul Ma Mine" and more. *
More reviews: shorter one and longer one.

Africa Raps (Senegal, Mali and The Gambia)
1. Abass Abass feat. Daby - Africa Child
2. Bibson & Xuman - Kay Jel Ma
3. C.B.V. - Art. 158
4. Gokh-BI System - Xaesal
5. Omzo - Kunu Abal Ay beut
6. V.A. - Libre ego
7. Sen Kumpe - Lou Deux bi lath
8. Da Brains - Axirou Zaman
9. Djoloff - Metite
10. Da Fugitivz - Kepp Kui Bangh
11. Pee Froiss - Jalgaty
12. Tata Pound - Badala
13. Abass Abass - Urgence
14. Les Escrocs - Pirates
15. BMG 44 - Xam
16. Positive Black Soul - Boul Ma Mine


  1. yeah, thanx. listened to it a while ago in a record store, forgot it and remembered it a few weeks ago, searching for it since then, now found it here. great!

  2. great stuff
    ..many BIG thanks :)