Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Eddie Lang - Jazz Guitar Virtuoso

Beautiful early jazz guitar. Eddie Lang was the first player who defined guitar as a real jazz instrument. He was in great demand as a studio player during his tragically brief life, guesting on recordings by anybody who was anybody in the late 20s' jazz, from Armstrong, Ellington, Bix, and Dorsey brothers on down. This Yazoo comp collects his sides as a leader, including two solo pieces (Rachmaninoff's Prelude opens the disc), duos with guitarists Lonnie Johnson and Karl Cress, and several guitar-piano duos as well.
Read his bio here or a longer article here.
Bitrate isn't high, but I don't think this matters for recordings from 1920s.

Eddie Lang - Jazz Guitar Virtuoso
128 kbps, 38 mb
1. Prelude
2. Pickin' My Way
3. Rainbow Dreams
4. Blue Guitars
5. April Kisses
6. I'll Never Be The Same
7. Blue Room
8. Eddie's Twister
9. Midnight Call Blues
10. Perfect
11. A Little Love, A Little Kiss
12. Melody Man's Dream
13. Feeling My Way
14. Church Street Sobbin' Blues


  1. Great post! He's like the rather rigid & stiff version of django, great in his own way though. Thanks for sharing this and everything else here (a rather tasteful collection). Appreciate it.

  2. Anonymous, Django learned from Lang. Jango is a deformed hand sloppy version of Lang.

  3. Stiff version of Django? Eddie Lang (along with Lonnie Johnson) is the father of jazz guitar.

  4. Thanks for this, LOVE IT! ... i got the blue guitars L.P's with Lonnie Johnson (amazing, got most of these,tho its great to hear it put together like this ... come to appreciate Eddie Lang more and more all the time - "April Kisses" and "A Little Love" are just lush, it all is! - They led the way, leagues ahead of Django, tho you can't really knock him either, Lang died just out of his 20's so they never got the chance to meet, which would have happened at some point, if not for different fates :D

  5. Could you please upload a new link?