Thursday, June 7, 2007

J.J. Cale - Naturally + Troubadour

If the Anthology is not enough for you, here are two more albums. These links are plundered from a blog which is now deceased.

320kbps, 82 mb
megaupload, mediafire
1. Hey Baby
2. Travelin' Light
3. You Got Something
4. Ride Me High
5. Hold On
6. Cocaine
7. I'm A Gypsy Man
8. The Woman That Got Away
9. Super Blue
10. Let Me Do It To You
11. Cherry
12. You Got Me So Bad

320 kbps, 73 mb
REUP: mediafire
1. Call Me The Breeze
2. Call The Doctor
3. Don't Go To Strangers
4. Woman I Love
5. Magnolia
6. Clyde
7. Crazy Mama
8. Nowhere To Run
9. After Midnight
10. River Runs Deep
11. Bringing It Back
12. Crying Eyes


  1. check this...

  2. And this...
    hope you like them!! and a big thanks to the jj cale lps!!.

  3. thanks ... troubador is also doing something funny, my download always freezes at about 15 meg in. your other files on megaupload work fine!

  4. Well let me know if the problem persists and I can reup it too.

  5. yes, it persists on 4 days. and ip remains blocked by megaupload until the cancelled connection times out.