Thursday, June 14, 2007

John "Buddy" Williams - Le Jazz Primitif From Trinidad

Le Jazz Primitif - can't go wrong with a name like that. Buddy Williams was a pianist and bandleader of a prime Trinidadian dance band. It sounds like they backed up all the great calypso singers in studio by day and cut the rug up for the islanders in bars at night. This is a live recording, with an appropriately muddy sound, but with a lot of excitement and loud cheering from the crowd in between the songs.
This is one half of a split LP with Buddy Williams on one side and some other dude on the other, I don't have the second side and the reviews suggest it's not worth seeking.
A word on the songs: She 'Pon Top is a mento tune by Baba Motta (available on the Mento Madness comp); Last Night The Landlord is a calypso by Lord Christo (available on the Smithsonian's Dance Calypso). I couldn't trace Shoemaker Shop and Man Is Dey, so I assume these are Buddy's originals. Alma Llanera (Soul of the Plains) is a traditional Venezuelan joropo, still very popular throughout Latin America. My coworker, a Colombian girl, recognized it as "that tune they play back home at dances in small towns... where'd you get it?"

John "Buddy" Williams - Le Jazz Primitif From Trinidad
192 kbps, 28 mb
REUP: mediafire
1. Alma Llanera
2. She 'Pon Top
3. Shoemaker Shop
4. Man is Dey
5. Last Night the Landlord Nearly Killed Me


  1. This is one of my favourites from your wonderful blog, I come back to it again and again. It's fresh, exciting and extremely cool each time I listen. Thanks dude!

  2. any chance of reposting? MB

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! Do you have any more like it, or perhaps side A of this record?