Monday, June 4, 2007

Dave Pike - Limbo Carnival

I've been looking for this album for the longest time, and found it just today posted at the great Orgy in Rhythm! The american vibist and bandleader Dave Pike is also heard here on marimba. This disc is one of the more successfull attempts at calypso-jazz fusion. It's been recently reissued as a half of the "Carnavals" CD together with another Dave Pike album, Bossa Nova Carnival (not sure what's with the spelling, but that's how they wrote it). A selection with some calypso standards (Matilda, Jamaica Farewell) and three latin jazz/calypso jazz crossover pieces - Charlie Parker's Little Suede Shoes and two tunes by the greatest sax player that ever lived, Sonny Rollins. Highly recommended to calypso fans, jazzheads and the "world music" buffs!

Dave Pike - Limbo Carnival
320 kbps
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1. La Bamba (Valens) 7:46
2. My Little Suede Shoes (Parker) 3:39
3. Matilda (Span) 3:59
4. Mambo Bounce (Rollins) 3:15
5. Limbo Rock (Sheldon, Strange) 2:26
6. Calypso Blues (Cole, George) 3:49
7. Cattin' Latin (Poindexter) 4:47
8. St. Thomas (Rollins) 3:45
9. Jamaica Farewell (Burgess) 4:57


  1. I LOVE this LP......Please post a workable link...

    Thanks & Big Up


  3. Thanks a lot, was not easy to find this one!
    DJ Gau from Brasil.