Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles

I think I will ran a short Chet Atkins retrospective in the next few days. A good way to begin it would be with the first Atkins album I have heard. Chet Atkins was very prolific, and not all of his records are top-notch; this one is, though. Chet plays his fingerstyle arrangements of the Beatles' tunes. This album was recorded when the Fab Four were still merseybeat-playing, teenage-girl-pleasing moptops, and the selections on it are drawn from their first albums. The music comes full circle on this record: the Beatles grew up listening to Chet's guitar sounds on the Everly Brothers' songs, and now Atkins salutes them back. The liner notes are written by Harrison. My own rip, high VBR.

Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles
REUP: megaupload
43 mb, ~200VBR

Side 1
I Feel Fine
If I Fell
Can't Buy Me Love
I'll Cry Instead
Things We Said Today

Side 2
Hard Day's Night
I'll Follow the Sun
She's a woman
And I Love Her
She Loves You


  1. Though not an all Beatles set, Soft Samba [1964 Verve] by Gary McFarland, edges this out a bit sound wise. Beatles performed on vibes with light scatting & whistling is super sweet! Ala Jazz.
    Greets from "Gathering Of The Tribe" forum. JT
    Chet has nice chops, but so does that Luiz Bonfa.

  2. Never heard McFarland's stuff. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to seek him out.

    What is the Gathering of the tribe forum? and what do they say about me? :)