Monday, February 5, 2007

Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys - The Bunnys' Singles Vol.1&2

Back by popular demand - more of the japanese surf guitar god Terry and the Bunnys.
Two more links to his albums are in the comments to the previous post about him.

REUP 2/05/2014: depositfiles, two albums in one archive

Bunnys' Singles Vol.1 - Little Devil (Akuma no Baby)
192 kbps, 73 mb
1. Terry's Theme
2. Test Driver
3. Irrevocable Vow
4. Dream In The Ocean
5. Kanjincho
6. Genroku Hanami Odort
7. Let's Go Dance
8. Shake No. 1
9. Rising Guitar
10. South Pier
11. Little Devil
12. Hey? You Stop !
13. Symphony No. 5
14. Unfinished Symphony
15. Al No Remember
16. Futari No Izumi
17. Taugaru Jaongarabushi
18. Dark Eyes
19. Czardas I

Bunnys' Singles Vol.2 - Taiyo No Hana
192 kbps, 63 mb
1. Taiyo Yaro
2. World Boy
3. Feedback Guitar
4. Omoide No Hoshizora
5. Taiyo No Hana
6. Seishun Wo Kakete
7. Let's Go Bugalu
8. Summer Bugalu
9. Tokyo No Sunset
10. Hono No Koi
11. Tasogare
12. Samishisona Shojo
13. Usukudara
14. Dark Eyes
15. Blue Star
16. Unchainned Melody
17. Jingle Bell


  1. Big thanks for all the great BUNNYS albums!!! You rock! hopefully youre smarter than I am and you can find the download button on this page, it's another Takeshi Terauchi album. Have never been able to figure out this file hosters page when I come across it. Again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great stuff, thanks! I have a bit of terry's music already, and I have to say that his records from the early 70s are even better than the 60s stuff! Hard and extended freakouts that go back and forth between surfy stuff and shamisen-sounding traditional playing. Drums sounds are more 70s, but besides that, some of it could be krautrock!

  3. To Invisible Man:
    Thanks for the link. I can read russian, that page wants you to click through several ad pages to get to the file, but for some reason the service is not working, the downloads are superslow... If I can ever download that, I will put it up somewhere and let you know.

    To Jeremy:
    Thanks for the note, man. I never heard Terry's later stuff, maybe I should look for it... although his classical covers do sound like they are played by Hendrix or something...

  4. Hi,
    Great blog but bigupload says these links are dead as well. I would love a repost of these Terauchi records.

  5. Hi,
    I'm from Germany and I search a 12"LP from
    Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans named PERRY RHODAN, released in 1978, Cat.Number SKA-245 (King Records)
    Before some weeks, this was offered at
    Does anyone knows, where I can buy this?
    Thanks at before

  6. to Jeremy:
    what albums should we be looking for then? I love this stuff, but the thought of "hard and extended freak-outs" and some of it sounding like krautrock is just too good...

  7. I only wish all Terry's shares were at least 192 kbps (like this one) or higher - they do deserve it! Is there any chance to re-rip at higher bitrate and re-up some of his titles previously seen here (Beat beat beat, The world's waiting for Terry)? That would be greatly appreciated!

    Here's a link to the Bluejeans' release mentioned in the top comment. Pay attention: it's passworded!
    Use the top comment to derive the pass (it starts with http, ends with .com; simply copy-paste it).
    Thanks to the original uploader...
    And thanks to this blog's owner...

  8. To Anonymous:
    Thanks for the link to that album (that's the Early Times 1964-65, right?).
    Unfortunately, these are not my rips, I got them from elsewhere. Cannot do much about the low bitrate :-/

  9. Thanks for replying, LesTP,

    Say big thanks to your sources of the rips, anyway!

    Um... no, that's not Early Times (sorry for confusion), but it's worth trying, it's "Soviet" vinyl. Any need in Early Times? Just look here:

  10. Thanks for all these tunes, it's a whole new world for me, I like it!

  11. Hi, wonderfull album but it's impossible to go to the link , can you put this again?